Kareena Kapoor in Saree – our Top 9

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She has traveled to the International levels; she has mastered her market and made her changes noticeable to the entire world and then this Kapoor progeny decided to make us fall in love all over again. When we say Indian in attire, the first thing that crops up in our mind is the very ethnic saree, a single piece of clothing wrapped beautifully across the body that makes the entire look of a person change to a much traditional one and therefore here we are again going through her books as Kareena appears in sarees that sweeps us off our feet.

1. The Perfect Sequins:

The perfect sequins

Here is a dish served best with glitters. You can always rely on Kareena to spice up her look and still be sober while she is at it. The perfect sequin show on the nude beige saree is indeed wonderful as Kareena herself looks her dazzling self. With the sequins fitting perfectly, Kareena herself was mesmerized and looked simply the best. This actually is a good party look.

2. The Color Filled Look:

The color filled look

Here is a wonderful color filled look that would make you look simply chic and at the same time brings out the fun side to you. On a normal day you would be bland but if you want to play it cool, take a cue from Kareena here who incorporated this pop lemon color with a side dish of pretty baby pink. The white in the blouse adds to the appeal.

3. The Silver and Black:

The silver and black

Often you would notice an actress play safe and what safest color there is other than black? Black is often the best color to experiment when it comes to new looks and here Kareena in this chiffon georgette saree looks fantastic. The blouse in a metallic silver shade adds oomph to the look while the most of the saree is embellished in diamond like ornaments.

4. The Ombre Look:

The ombre look

When we mention ombre we mean transition from one color to another with each color fading beautifully into another. The entire of the saree is filled with embellishments of diamond filled nature while the pure white slowly transcends into coral pink. Also the borderline has a silver zari outline for added effects.

5. The Beautiful Pink:

The beautiful pink

Here in this saree, Kareena looks fiery hot even though she has wrapped herself up in a pretty pink and black combo. Usually pink is a very over powering color that is feminine and at the same time a statement piece too. Now when this is combined with black and silver the piece looks very beautiful.

6. The Multi Color Grill:

The multi color grill

Often a mix and match of the best of the of the clothing would turn out to be just perfect and that is why this beautiful saree piece on Kareena looks very trend savvy and chic. The saree integrates many beautiful colors like velvet black with an impeccable white topped with saffron orange and pop peacock blue. The entire mix and match thus looks extremely beautiful.

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7. The Angel White:

The angel white

White always looked marvelous on Kareena and therefore when she worked this saree out so well, we were left speechless. The saree in satin white looks awesome with the pallu of the saree dazzled and bejeweled in glittering ornaments.

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8. The Neon Colors:

The neon colors

Looking bright and beautiful, Kareena once again opts for bright neon colors, once again in a pop yellow blouse but this time the saree is in bright orange with chiffon texture while the yellow and blue borderline looked awesome with dazzling diamond outer lines.

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9. The Fiery Hot Red:

The fiery hot red

We have saved the best for the last and here in this beautiful red saree Kareena looked her ravishing self. The black zari borderline with heavy ornaments also gets a special mention.

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