Kartari Mudra – How To Do Steps And Benefits

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Many mukhas and mudras have been very popular in Indian art and culture. Our ancestors used to practise this mukhas and mudras since ages and they have become a part of our ancient civilization. Gradually, this mukhas have gained an important and indispensable place in our daily lifestyle. Many scientists and fitness experts have done a great deal of research and their theory and continuous studies have proved that these mudras and mukhas have benefited our health and well-being.One of them is Kartari Mukha.

Kartari Mudra

Kartari Mukha is one of the fourth mudra out of the total 28 single handed mudras. These single handed mudras are also known as Asamyuta Hasta. This mudras specifically single handed mudras are well described in Abhinaya Darpana. Kartari Mudra is known by many names. Some of the most popular names of this mudra is Scissors face or Arrows shaft face. This Kartari Mukha means scissors or a shape of an arrow. Kartari Mukha is used to denote a number of things. These things are very common and a part and parcel of our daily life.

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This Mukha Or Finger Gesture Symbolizes Following Things :

  1. Two arms of a scissor.
  2. Separation or distance between a couple.
  3. Opposite or contrary nature.
  4. The act of Looting.
  5. To show two different and contrary things.
  6. Corner of a human eye.
  7. Death.
  8. Lightening.
  9. Sleeping.
  10. Falling and weeping.
  11. Creeper.

You Might Have Seen The Most Common Kartari Mukha Meaning.

There were two basic ways of how to perform this mudra. Read along to know and understand them.

1. Ardhapataka :

Check following steps to get a detailed view of how to perform this variation of Kartari mudra :

  • You need to fully open the middle and index finger till they form a scissor like shape
  • Here, you need to maintain the similar position of ring and index finger.

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Now, Let’s Move to The Next Variation.

2. Ardhapataaka Variation:

Refer to the following steps to perform another variation of the same exercise :

  1. Here, also you need to extend the ring and index fingers fully in the form of a scissor.
  2. Here, you need to bring the ring and index finger together with thumbs by all touching all of them.

There are a number of benefits of this mukha.Kartari Mukha is immensely beneficial for human beings.

Kartari Mudra Benefits .

1. If you practise this mudra on regular basis it will gradually fade away your contrary thoughts and ideas. This will eliminate opposite and negative feelings from your life and gradually you will be left with nothing but only positivity.

2. If you watch the meeting point of all the three fingers then, you will gradually realize that your concentration and mediation is improving a lot. If you practise this regularly then you can concentrate for a very longer period of time and that too very efficiently.

3. If a couple practices this mudra regularly then their differences will be diminished or reduced within no time. So, I suggest everyone should practise this mukha or finger gesture to experience improved and cordial relationships.

4. People who are suffering from insomnia can also benefit with this finger or hand gesture. Regular and deep focus on this fingers movement will relieve your negative thoughts and worries and thus you will experience long and sound sleep.

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This Kartari mudra is very beneficial for your entire system. Regular practise of this mukha or finger gesture will improve your regular health and well-being. Also, you can see a great deal of improvement in your social circle too.

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