9 Best Katy Perry Without Makeup Images

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The sweetheart, Katy Perry is famous for her natural beauty. She looks so innocent and beautiful both on screen and off screen. Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson also known as Katy Perry, is one of the most famous American female singers of all time. She has won numerous awards for her extraordinary composition and songwriting. Most of her albums were successful in breaking the billboard records.

Along with her God-gifted voice, she also possesses a unique styling attitude and impressive dressing sense to impress people at a glance. This woman is extremely adorable and is winning hearts by her looks and musical talent. Makeup is not quite an issue for Katy as she can pretty much it rock it naturally. Here are some of the best no-make images of Katy Perry to support the above statement.

1. Hello Beautiful!

Katy Perry without makeup 1

Katy looks a bit different when she wears no makeup but still possesses the quality to impress us all with her million dollar smile and natural beauty. We can figure out just by looking at her face that how pure she is from her heart. This wonderful woman always manages to look pretty with or without makeup.

2. A Little Tired:

Katy Perry without makeup 2

This picture of Katy Perry was taken while she was strolling with her boyfriend, John Mayer. She looks a different in this picture from what she actually does. Though she wears no makeup still she looks good enough to impress her million fans.

3. She’s The Prettiest:

Katy Perry without makeup 3

Katy Perry is an extremely adorable woman. In this particular picture, she looks so cute and innocent. This was clicked when she was enjoying a meal at a restaurant. If someone can look so beautiful without makeup then imagine what she will look with makeup on.

4. Like a Child:

Katy Perry without makeup 4

Here is a picture of Katy Perry with her little cousin. She looks like a little girl with that pink sweater and flawless skin. People who are close to her can tell you how great she is as a person. She barely requires any makeup to look beautiful.

5. She Loves Getting Into Water:

Katy Perry without makeup 5

This picture of Katy was clicked while she was spotted swimming. The water has washed off all her makeup if she was wearing any. This is one of the most inspirational pictures for women who spend most of their day worrying about their beauty and makeup. Katy Perry is a living motivation for a lot of people who wish to sport their natural look.

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6. The Best Comparison:

Katy Perry without makeup 6

Let’s compare the above pictures. On the left Katy is wearing no makeup and on the right she looks dazzling while wearing mascara. You can recognize her pretty easily without makeup as she looks beautiful naturally. A simple headband and sporty hooded jacket can make Katy Perry look divine.

7. On a Shopping Spree:

Katy Perry without makeup 7

It’s unbelievable that how good a woman can look just by wearing a hooded jacket, a cap, and other casual apparels. Katy’s beauty comes from inside. She likes to keep it simple and is very much aware of the secret which is being happy from the heart.

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8. Enjoying The Rain:

Katy Perry without makeup 8

Katy Perry was spotted sporting a coat with slim fit pants and sneakers on a rain day. She went casual that day and kind of enjoyed the rain.

9. Out For a Jog:

Katy Perry without makeup 9

Katy doesn’t need anything other than some jogging clothes and classy sunglasses to look beautiful. Here she was walking on the streets while completing her jogging session.

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