9 Best Kendall Jenner Without Makeup

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One of the most beautiful faces in the American fashion industry is that of Kendal Jenner. Makeup or no makeup she wins the hearts of millions with just the way she carries herself. Her claim to fame is also her appearance on a reality show with the Kardashians. She has over a million followers all over the world and has a long line of brands looking to sign her as their brand ambassador. Kendal is known for being open with her life with her followers. She often stands for a makeup free life and encourages women around the world to bear their natural beauty.

Here are nine of Kendall Jenner’s best pictures without makeup:

1. Makeup-Free Kendell:

Kendall Jenner without makeup 1

Kendall Jenner’s natural glow and grace have been turning heads forever. She seems to attract people simply by being herself. Sporting a pinkish-white jacket and minimal makeup, Kendall is seen leaving a nightclub in this picture.

2. Two Faces:

Kendall Jenner without makeup 2

With Kendall Jenner, what you see is what you get. These photographs here are not much different from each other. On the one left is a photograph where she has no makeup on, and on the right is a photograph of Kendall with minimal makeup on. Either way, she looks ravishing and stands as a strong reminder that you don’t need makeup to look beautiful.

3. She is Always Ramp-Ready:

Kendall Jenner without makeup 3

Kendall Jenner, while out for a stroll was caught unawares by the camera. When she eventually spotted the camera, she managed to give the lens a smirk of sorts. But even with that, Kendall looks as beautiful as ever with her casual, everyday, no makeup avatar.

4. There’s Something About The Girl With Spectacles:

Kendall Jenner without makeup 4

Kendall Jenner is seen sporting a nerdy look here – thick spectacles and all. The no makeup look against her loose hair and black clothing makes this look both pretty and casual.

5. Determined To Stay Fit:

Kendall Jenner without makeup 5

Tank top, workout pants and knotted hair can only mean one thing – Gym time! This picture of Kendall was taken when she stopped at a department store right after her workout session.

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6. In a Rejoicing Mood:

Kendall Jenner without makeup 6

White crop top, sun glasses and orange juice can mean only one thing – Summer! Sporting this casual and simple look with barely any makeup on, Kendall Jenner looks as cool and ready for the sun as ever, still managing to look stunning and free.

7. Keeping Up With Expectations:

Kendall Jenner without makeup 7

First a woman, then a super model – That pretty much sums up Kendall Jenner. In this picture she decides to allow her followers to see her goofy and fun side. Even with no makeup on, she looks as cute as a button.

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8. Taking Pictures While Driving:

Kendall Jenner without makeup 8

What’s a car ride without first taking a selfie? In this picture, Kendall decided to go all natural – No makeup at all. Not even mascara. What she does sport however, is her confident, sweet smile that has left all her fans asking for more.

9. Rock And Roll:

Kendall Jenner without makeup 9

Kendall and her sister Kylie are seen returning from a concert. Clad in a white crop top and with no makeup on, Kendall looks calm and chilled out – the perfect look for a live concert and a relaxing evening with her sibling.

The American fashion industry is often seen as thriving off of the cosmetic industry. It almost seems like being without makeup is a taboo, especially if you are a super model. For Kendall however, that evidently doesn’t matter. Makeup or no makeup, she’s proved time and again that true beauty lies within, and in the eyes of the beholder.

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