9 Famous Kenya Tourist Places to Visit

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Kenya is best known for the classic Savanna Safaris. The country has extreme contrast with desserts, snow, forest, open lands, freshwater lakes, etc. The wildlife safaris are the most demanded tourist attractions in Kenya, but trekking in the mountains of Kenya are not very uncommon too. Tourists would also enjoy snorkeling, ballooning, skiing waters, chilling out on the beaches, etc.

Kenya Tourist Places:

1. Lake Nakuru:


Lake Nakuru is a shallow lake in the heart of Kenya. It has an excess in algae which is the reason why, numerous flamingos fly here. Tourists can be lucky enough to even see a million of flamingo’s at one time, which gets the places called to be the greatest spectacle for birds in the world.

2. Masai Mara Sunset:


Maasai Mara is a popular park which has a great population and migration of wildebeests in the months of July and August. The place is also inhabited by numerous animals. The sight when the sun is setting and the animals can be seen at its reflection gives a breath taking moment to all the tourists present there.

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3. Lamu Island:


Lamu Island is situated in the country’s Lamu Archipelago and serves as a famous tourist spot. The Lamu town is the oldest town in Kenya and thus it has retained its charm over the years. The Lamu Island can only be reached through alleyways and footpaths as no motor vehicle can go through it. The inhabitants in the town mostly walk, travel on boat or on donkeys.

4. Hell’s Gate:


Hell’s Gate National Park is a tiny park which has been named due to the break in the cliffs. It was once a tributary of a lake and which was resourceful for the people in the Rift Valley. It is a unique wildlife park among all the other as you can walk or cycle without guides. The scenic view is beautiful and there are numerous animals like lions, leopards, cheetahs, etc.

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