8 Wonderful Kerala Food Recipes

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Kerala is known for its beautiful surroundings and vast variety of plants and animals all living together in harmony with people of all cultures. Kerala food is mainly south Indian based but it does have some unique qualities as well. Kerala food is a burst of flavors to the taste buds because of all the authentic Indian spices that are used in most of these recipes. Kerala food may look complicated but it is expressively easy to imitate Kerala recipes at home. All you need is the right instructions and all the ingredients ready for you to use. Given below are a few very popular Kerala food recipes so that you can make their heavenly food at home as well-

1. Kozikode Biryani:

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The first thought that comes to your mind when you think of Kerala food is sea food but the fact is that the food in Kerala has gone beyond sea food to other more elaborate means as well. The kozikode biryani is rich with chicken, egg, olive oil and lemon juice that all mixes together to form this excellent dish.

2. Mango Pickle:

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An excellent accessory to go with almost every meal, the mango pickle made in Kerala is actually world renowned. Making this pickle is easy and just requires you to have some raw mangoes and some oil. Make sure not to use too ripe mangoes so as to achieve the sour yet sweet flavor. Mix the cut mango pieces in the oil and leave to marinate for a few days to achieve this great recipe at home.

3. Lemon rice:

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Another very popular south Indian recipe the lemon rice is an excellent accessory for both lunch and dinner and has the ability to fill your stomach and taste exceptional at the same time. To make lemon rice at home you require turmeric powder, lemon extract, plain rice and condiments of your choice. Mix all these together and let the rice steam till complete.

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4. Caramel Custard:

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Caramel custard is the testament to the residual Portuguese heritage that south India has to offer. To make caramel custard at home is quite difficult but not entirely impossible. You need some caramel which you can heat in a pan till it turns into liquid. Place this aside then take some pre made custard and heat in the same pan before transferring it onto the caramel to form a layer on the top. Refrigerate and eat chilled for the best effect.

5. Pomfret Moilee:

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This is the testament to the fact that south India can provide excellent sea food. The pomfret moilee is actually a pomfret curry which resembles an original south Indian fish curry with the addition of plenty of coconut milk to add to the exceptional flavor of this dish.

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6. Kerala Fish Curry:

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The original fish curry of India there is an exception which lies in the ingredients of this curry. The curry is spiced with spices native to south India along with lemon juice and a tad of coconut milk which provides an environment of both sweet and sour.

7. Prawn Roast:

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Prawn roast is another great sea food dish which is exceptionally easy to make at home. All you need is some prawns which you can add directly into the pan with some condiments and spices and water to match up to the amount of prawns you have used. If you do not want curry then exclude the water and add some sauce of your choice and allow the prawns to fry with onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger and spices.

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8. Fish Mappas:

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Fish mappas are another sea food in coconut milk dish well known around the world. A great accessory with lemon rice, fish mappas are made very easily at home and require just coconut milk, ginger garlic, Onions (optional) and spices of your choice. The fish must be boiled before hand and the curry must be added to the fish separately for the best flavor.

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