9 Traditional Kerala Mangalsutra Designs with Images

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Kerala land of beauty also known for their jewels worn by the bride during the wedding. Kerala Hindus bride wears jewels from the neck to the waist which has their own traditional belief and culture behind it. Kerala Christians are different from that, they wear a thick chain with a leaf shaped thirumangalyam called the minnu and the Kerala Muslims in the north are not known for the thali custom but in some part of south Kerala, thali custom is followed. To get a brief knowledge about the top 9 designs of Mangalsutra worn by different religion has been explicitly brought out in this article.

Latest and Beautiful Kerala Mangalsutra Designs for Wedding:

Here are the best Kerala Mangalsutra Designs for Women in trend.

1. Plain Ela or Leaf Mangalsutra:

Plain Ela or Leaf Mangalsutra

The plain leaf design is the traditional thirumangalyam design followed by Kerala Hindu families. The concept behind this era is that the, as the banyan trees support and nurture the tree the same ideology is bought behind the banyan leaf shaped thirumangalyam.

2. Minnu Mangalsutra:

Minnu Mangalsutra

As the Hindu Kerala call it as ela, the Kerala Christian call their thirumangalyam as minnu which is also in the same of a leaf with their religious symbol between the minnu. This minnu is attached as the pendant to a thick gold chain. This is the best kerala mangalsutra designs for kerala bride.

3. Kumbla Thali:

Kumbla Thali

This type of Mangalsutra is a traditional Hindu design which resembles a narrow leaf with a narrow edge. This is a pendant attached to the hook of the chain and falls at the center. This is a plain Gold pendant.

4. Minnu with Cross Symbol:

Minnu with cross symbol

In this type of thirumangalyam, the typical cross symbol is been engraved onto the solid gold piece called the minnu by the Malayalis. This weighs more than another type of Mangalsutra due to its outstanding inbuilt design. It has a hook attached on the top which goes easily inside a thick chain.

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5. Cross Engraved Thali Design:

Cross engraved thali design

This is another type of thali used by Kerala Christians. The shape of the thirumangalyam is different from minnu. In this design a the gold is formed into a Square shape with cross symbol embalmed onto the center of the thirumangalyam which is wider in size than minnu.

6. Golden Cross Beads:

Golden cross beads

This type of thali design is worn by Syrian Christians ladies in Kerala. The design is peculiar and artistic. The leaf shaped minnu has golden beads designed into a cross which is attached to a golden Chain. The pendant is attached into the strands of thread taken form the saree given by the bridegroom to the bride which is called as the Mantra kodi. The 7 thread depicts the Bride, Bridegroom, their Parents and the Church.

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7. Stone Studded Ganesha in Leaf:

Stone Studded Ganesha in Leaf

This is a simple yet a famous and mostly used design by any all religion per se. This shiny finish leaves a slightly rough finish which gives a different outlook from glossy hand carved design. This is the best kerala mangalsutra designs.

8. Shiny leaf Mangalsutra Design:

Shiny leaf Mangalsutra design

This is a simple yet a famous and mostly used design by any all religion per se. This shiny finish leaves a slightly rough finish which gives a different outlook from glossy hand carved design.The size of the leaf can be customized and according to the thali weight the chain is selected.

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9. Gold Locket Mangalsutra Design:

Gold Locket Mangalsutra design

Gold locket Mangalsutra is commonly used by the younger generation in a way of expressing their love towards each other. The Gold locket usually designed into a heart shape with Photo placed inside the locket. This comes in a pendant form.

Kerala jewelry has gained its name and popularity in all kind of jewels which also includes their unique designed Mangalsutra. Their design is much simpler when compared to other state thali design.