15 Stylish and Best King Tattoos Design Ideas with Pictures

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King tattoos are very modern and stylish tattoo designs. It includes a crown or the words ‘king’. King mentions his attitude by his crown; small crown design is famous among youngsters or adults too. Inspirational comes from symbol. Nowadays this style of king crown we get in tattoo form, tattoos are demanded day by day and professional tattoo artists we get anywhere. Men’s like to try this style of different kind tattoos; they feel like they are getting inner strength because of this tattoo. King tattoo is small design but meaningful focus on your attitude. Select from this broad list of tattoos and make a personal and most impressive tattoo.

Latest and Beautiful Designs of King Tattoos for Men and Women in Trend:

Let we have to look at the top 15 king tattoo designs.

1. Crown and Word Tattoo:

Crown and Word Tattoo

This is a common king tattoo that has the image of a crown and the word ‘King’ tattooed on. The crown is made with simple gems and the word is in italic font. Choose this for a whimsical take on royalty.

2. King of Spades Tattoo:

King of Spades Tattoo

This is another tattoo king that has not only the crown and the letter ‘K’ but also the image of a spade. The king of spades tattoo is a take on the card games. Choose this with a combination of the queen tattoo for the woman in your life. This is the best king queen tattoo design for couples.

3. King Crown Tattoo:

King Crown Tattoo

The king crown tattoo is another glamorous tattoo that has the image of a kings crown tattooed. The crown is detailed with the red velvet cover as well. The jewels and pearls in the crown are highlighted well.

4. Memorial King Tattoo:

Memorial King Tattoo

This is a king tattoo design that has the memorial date that you would like added to the tattoo. The date is inscribed on a banner under the crown. Choose the date that symbolizes something in your life.

5. Disney Lion King Tattoo:

Disney Lion King Tattoo

Perfect for woman is this wonderful Disney inspired lion king tattoo. This has the image of the lion as well as the inspiring words ‘Remember who you are’ tattooed on. Choose this to represent any special day in your life. When this movie launched that time this movie gave good inspirational thoughts to all, try this symbol of lion king design.

6. Black King Crown Tattoo:

Black King Crown Tattoo

Here is a black king crown tattoo on hand that looks stunning on pale skin. The crown has been shaded and filled in white black ink. The center has a pretty design too. If you are ok with normal design but if you need something different then go with this pattern of simple or stylish pattern of crown.

7. Lion Tattoo:

Lion Tattoo

The lion is the king of the jungle. This can be represented in the tattoo. This lion king tattoo has a lion with a crown on his head. The image is very stunning and impressive. Lion eyes give strength and when you design this kind of tattoo then surely you can feel strength in your body.

8. Her King Tattoo:

Her King Tattoo

Impress your loved one with this king tattoo. This king tattoo image has a majestic crown with the words ‘Her king’. Your loved one is sure to be thrilled with this personalized tattoo. Try this one and catch the attention of your loved one.

9. Initial King Tattoos Design:

Initial King Tattoo

Choose a colorful king tattoo that has your initial tattooed on. The crown is tattooed brilliantly with blue color added for the jewels. The shading done is also very impressive. You can add your first name or surname initial with design.

10. Latin King Tattoo:

Latin King Tattoo

Here is a very large king tattoo that covers the back of a person. Here you have the realistic looking lion tattoo with a crown on his head. The lion here is mean looking and angry. This style is need proper attention by tattoo designer, little tough going while designing but gives your proper attitude.

11. Royal King and Joker Tattoo:

Royal King and Joker Tattoo

This take on the card game is very apt for people who love to gamble. This tattoo has the king of hearts card and the joker side by side. Choose this for a larger area to be covered.

12. King and Anchor Tattoo:

King and Anchor Tattoo

This gorgeous tattoo is of a crown and an anchor together. The words ‘My king’ and ‘my anchor’ are inscribed beautifully here. Select this tattoo for a personal touch. It is little different so you can mix both king and anchor in this design as per your choice.

13. Script of King Tattoo:

Script of King Tattoo

Here is a stunning king tattoo that has the script under it. The crown tattoo is filled in wonderfully and intricately. Each of the jewels of the crown is perfectly added here. Few words define this crown position, you can personalize too.

14. Simple King Tattoo:

Simple King Tattoo

If you like delicate things then this king tattoo is just what you need. The simple king tattoos includes just a small crown that is done elegantly. Choose this for the hand area. This tattoo specially liked by girls too, those girls who like her boyfriend as a king.

15. Old School King Tattoo:

Old School King Tattoo

Here is an old school king tattoo that has the image of a king with a crown on his head. The king’s emblem is also tattooed in the design. Choose this for a take on the traditional type of tattoo. If you like to try old school pattern for your unique look then go with type of style.

King tattoos can be dramatic or simple. They can include just a crown or the words like ‘King’, ‘My king’, etc. Choose something that means to you and can be made personal. Try some unique inspiration message with this style of tattoo, king tattoos are best among all tattoo patterns. Get casual and unique look design in wide collection of tattoo. Try different shade too for this design.

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