10 Pictures of Kirsten Dunst Without Makeup

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The Hollywood industry is littered with stars that are not only absolutely beautiful but have become the envy and role models of many people from all around the world. Kirsten Dunst is one such lovely lady that actually took the Hollywood world by storm with some of her best performances in the trilogy of Marvels Spiderman. Kirsten Dunst is called a Hollywood diva not because of stardom but because of her very natural good looks that shines brighter than most of the stars in the industry. Kirsten is a born beauty that actually takes good care of herself and tries to stay away from cosmetics as much as possible so that she can stay healthy and natural for as long as possible.

Given below are some of the best looks of Kirsten Dunst without makeup so that you can see how pretty and naturally beautiful this superstar actually is-

1. Minimalist:

Kristen Dunst without makeup1

Kristen is a minimalist when it comes to makeup because she likes to stay healthy at all times. She would rather pick a healthy meal and plenty of water on a daily basis with daily workouts to keep her body fit and her looks absolutely radiant.

2. Off Ramp Beauty:

Kristen Dunst without makeup2

This is a picture of Kristen at a fashion event where she is actually looking better than a lot of the models that were there. Her beauty is actually shining and as usual she has a very cool and collective demeanor which makes up this wonderful lady.

3. Premier Picture:

Kristen Dunst without makeup3

This picture was taken of Kristen at one of her premiers where she dressed to kill. Surely with looks like that and without the need of any makeup Kristen was the center of attention for many people during the event. See for yourself from the vast collection of pictures of this wonderful lady so as to be sated.

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4. Casuals:

Rodarte - Front Row & Backstage - Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

This casual picture of Kristen actually set the internet on fire as you can clearly see that she is using very basic makeup but still pulling off some of the best trends in the world with the grace of a natural beauty.

5. On Screen Still:

Kristen Dunst without makeup5

A picture taken while Kristen is well within a role during the shoot of a movie shows that the stylist appointed to manage the look of Kristen actually decided to further personify this amazing actresses’ natural looks rather than using too much makeup on her.

6. Radiating Smile:

Seventh Annual Environmental Media Awards

Kirsten Dunst Makeup has a very radiating smile which is actually the pinnacle of her looks. She reveres her smile and so does the world.

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7. Out with Friends:

Kristen Dunst without makeup7

This casual day out with friends is the perfect situation top catch Kirsten Dunst no makeup as you can see she has let herself go enjoying the day without needing any added accessories to make her look any better than she is.

8. Candid:

Kristen Dunst without makeup8

This candid picture is a sure personification of this Hollywood beauty’s natural looks as you can see that her face is void of any unnecessary makeup.

9. Award Ready:

Kristen Dunst without makeup9

This picture taken at an awards ceremony shows Kirsten Dunst without makeup ready for the red carpet with the best look possible and the best part is that it is all natural.

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10. Only Necessities:

Kristen Dunst without makeup10

The only thing that Kirsten Dunst without make up ever needs is maybe eyeliner and a lipstick for her to be cosmetically ready for anything.

Kristen is a wonderful lady who looks more towards the natural enjoyments of life rather than indulging in fake means of looking good which would definitely harm your skin later in life.

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