Top 9 Kissing Tips for Girls

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Just the way looking good is important when you meet your partner, equal important is how you treat his feelings and emotions. There are difference in psychology between women and men. One of the important psychological points is kissing which is means to an end. Boys kiss while being passionate and girls when they are emotional. However, girls need to know what boys want and what tricks to use to drive him crazy and make the kiss an experience for both of you.

Dress And Smell:

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Looking your best can add that spark needed and you may land up in heat of the moment. While kissing you will be close to each other, hence, ensure to smell good. It can really drive him crazy.

Be Hygienic:

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Breath is equally important in a kiss as important is the passion. Ensure you brush and use mouthwash before going on date. However, your breath need not be more minty fresh than him. In case both of you have dined together, then both of you will have the same smell! As a precaution do carry some mints but don’t be over-obsessed with it.

Soft Lips:

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Always cleanse and scrub your lips and ensure they are moisturised by using a good lip balm suiting your lips. Soft lips will drive him mad, so get that suppleness to make him feel out of the world.

When Should You Start:

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Feel the moment. The prefect one is when you are away from the crowd and are hitting a conversation with eye to eye contact. Just then when you observe a pause, realise it’s the time when you both should just kiss!

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How to Start:

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Start with gently kissing the upper or the lower lip or both. The first stroke has to be gentle and calling.

Using Hands And Body Language:

Many a times people do not know what to do with their hands but they can really do a magic trick. You need to play with him as much as you can to call him to you. Caressing his hair, head, hand, arms or just anything that brings you both close during the kissing is important.

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Body language being equally important since most of the conversation between you two is nonverbal at this moment, so look at each other between the kiss and smile to ignite that fire.

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Take Breath:

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Equally important is to ensure that you do not loose your breath so while you are kissing him, take the control and look at him. Hold his chin and command him. Look at him in the eyes and blush to show him you want more of it. This will also give you enough time to breathe and also make him feel wanted. If you want him also to kiss you, keep looking at his eyes and lips to signal him that itshis turn now. Touching him on his lips with your fingers in a flirty manner will definitely make his hormones run for you!

Time For Tongue:

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Now that the passion is on, its time to use some tricks to make the moment memorable. Remember that the first kiss is never forgotten so now let your tongue do all the tricks. Lick his lips, lip-lock and suck his lips. This is sure to make him want you more and more.

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Be Passionate:

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When the momento is on, if you surprise him by taking over and delivering a passionate kiss, when its least expected by him will only turn up the heat between you two! Kissing when he is not even aware you were about to, will only hook him.

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