15 Best Kolam Rangoli Designs

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People love making Rangoli in and in front of their houses. Most people believe that Kolam brings in happiness and luck in the family and adds colour to the life. More so, it does help in elevating the beauty of the residence and it looks great when a Rangoli is designed on any special occasion.

1. Flower and Star Kolam for Festivals:

Best Kolam Rangoli Designs 1

This design is based on the flower theme. There are several flowers drawn keeping in mind the pattern of the entire Kolam design. The flowers are drawn using white chalk powder and the dots have been very beautifully and impeccably made. The design is looking enthralling without even making use of any other colour.

2. Special Kolam Design for Pooja:

Best Kolam Rangoli Designs 2

This design depicts a Kalash at the center along with diyas and a lotus. The design is simple, yet exquisite and even a beginner can give a try for this design. The Kolam is to be filled with different colours and a person should make use of flowers as well in order to enhance the entire set-up of the design.

3. Dot Kolam Rangoli Design:

Best Kolam Rangoli Designs 3

This Kolam design is placid and alluring and is based on the dot concept of Kolam design. The lines follow a pattern, which assists the beauty of the Kolam to a completely new level. The dots have been well positioned and the design mirrors a perfect diamond-shape. The lines are drawn using chalk powder, while dry rice or its powder may also be used.

4. Rangoli Kolam with Flowers:

Best Kolam Rangoli Designs 4

Several flower of one shape and size have been drawn in this Kolam design. Leaves have also been drawn along with the flowers and each part has been bordered using white colour. The entire design has been symmetrically drawn and the interior of the flowers has been given a perfect design, while the colours are different for each flower.

5. Pongal Kolam with Flowers and Leaves:

Best Kolam Rangoli Designs 5

This Kolam design is an epitome of perfection. The symmetry that the design follows makes it look captivating. Each flower has been drawn using a different colour, while the leaves are drawn using the colour green. The leaves are connected but they assist in separating the flowers giving it a wider and denser look.

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