Kundalini Mudra – How To Do Steps And Benefits

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Our life is adversely affected by a lot of stress factors. Some of them are like traffic jams, career pressure, peer issues, parental pressures, family tensions, personal and future apprehensions and likewise. This all take a toll on our life and disrupt in it like never before. They create a lot of hustle and tussle owing to which the daily life is in a sort of dilapidated condition.

These definitely have a huge impact on our health and well-being. One of the major impacts on health is irregular sexual life. Owing to lots of tensions if personal life partners are facing never before seen situations in family. Family planning has become completely haphazard. Cases of impotency and complications are on all time high.

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A healthy sexual life is key to happiness. Just imagine if you don’t have a healthy sexual life, how would get up in the morning and perform your best in office. You will be left with only an irritating feeling and nothing more.

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Kundalini Mudra Meaning, Steps And Benefits:

So, here we are with Kundalini mudra meaning,performing steps and benefits which will help you in getting rid of those sexual tensions.

Kundalini Mudra Meaning:

Have you ever heard of Kundalini Mudra? Well, it is an age old practise which is associated with awakening and activating the sexual pleasures within your body. It will energize the sexual forces and eliminate all such sexual tensions from your body. Many yoga schools, martial arts training centers and even gynecologists recommended this kundalini yoga mudra. Kundalini mudra is like amalgamation or association between masculine and feminine forces.

So, now you all might be super interested as how to do this mudra Kundalini? Well, worry not, we all are well-aware that this mudras kundalini yoga has become a quintessential part of the daily lifestyle. Sexual tensions cases have escalated like never before. And it’s better to take the help of some herbal and lifelong technique than resorting to some medications.

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How To Do Kundalini Mudra:

  • Sit in a comfortable of half lotus position. You can either sit on a light mat or any regular carpet. Many experts have strongly advised not to sit directly on floor. This is because it is believed that there are some radiations from the floor which will not be good while practising any form of yoga or mudra.You can sit with your eyes closed and open completely your choice, but closed eyes can help concentrate better.
  • Both the hands should be in the form of a loose fist.
  • Now, gradually extend the left index finger into the right fist from below and place it on the pad of the right thumb.
  • The other finger of the right hand must cover the fingers from above. It must like a loose and fleshy glove of fingers from above.
  • Now, you need to hold this position as long as possible in front of your lower abdomen.

That’s it about the steps of mudra. Wasn’t it very simple?? You can do this at any time of the day. Be it morning or evening. Time is not the restriction. Regarding the frequency do it three times a day for at least fifteen minutes.

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Benefits Of Kundalini Mudra:

There are immense number of kundalini mudra benefits. Some of the major benefits are listed below:

1. Erase in sexual tensions and anxieties.
2. Awakens the sexual force or energy within yourself.
3. Helps in achieving natural and healthy orgasm.
4. Brings a new set of regeneration and energy within yourself.

So, this were some of the innumerable benefits of this kundalini mudra.

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