Top 9 Lady Gaga Hairstyles

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Lady Gaga is not only popular for her songs and tattoos but also for her hairstyles which have been a major area of experimentation for her. Check out this list of the top 9 of her most awesome hairstyles.

1. Cute Bow:

Cute bow

No, the bow isn’t a different piece; it is constructed out of the hair itself! Isn’t it just amazing how long hair can be styled to achieve such awesome elements in the hair? The hair is extremely long in length (obviously a wig for Gaga) sporting eye framing bangs in front while the upper part of the hair is used for constructing a bow above her head.

2. Voluminous Bob:

Voluminous bob

Gaga shows of hair volume in this fantastic bob cut. This hairstyle is styled just like a simple bob cut is done with the application of some extra volumizing cream to achieve that voluminous effect.

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3. Pirate Bob:

Pirate bob

Wondering why call it the pirate bob? Well, only because of the simple fact that one of her eyes is rendered invisible. This bob cut hairstyle sports hair which is totally straight devoid of any waves or curls. The length of the hair in front varies from eye level at the right to jaw length at the left. This transition of hair length across the front is what covers the left eye.

4. Classic Exaggerated Italian:

Classic exaggerated Italian

This hairstyle gives an overall vibe of an Italian hairstyle. Overall, the haircut is short but the hair strands at the front are medium in length. Those medium length strands play the major role in achieving this classic look. While the rest of the hair is brushed flat on the head, the long strands are styled in the form of huge waves which sweep from one region of the forehead to the other. It almost covers the forehead too, thus forming side swept wavy bangs!

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