Top 9 Lakshmi Menon Without Makeup

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Ever since Childhood, Lakshmi Menon has been a phenomenal dancer seeking a single opportunity to make it big on the film screens. Always a buff for acting, Lakshmi Menon started her career with side roles until she worked hard to promote herself to the leads. An Indian actress, mainly viewed on the Tamil and Malayalam film industry, she is considered the fastest rising star who has knocked out her competitions with her astounding acting.

An actress however, is always under great pressure to look good at all times. Be it the awards red carpet or the lazy errand running day, without the professional makeup contouring and structuring their face, it is quite a revealing difference that sets these celebs apart. In today’s article we shall take a look into Menon’s no makeup look books to determine whether she is a natural beauty or just a pretty face on screen.

1. Pretty Smiles:

Lakshmi Menon Without Makeup

A smile says it all they say and here flashing one of her prettiest smiles is the all natural Lakshmi Menon. Without the professional help from the studio makeup artists, Menon does look all the more down to earth and pretty. Her clear skin accentuates are beautiful smile as she poses in her all natural self.

2. Killer Selfie:

Lakshmi Menon Without Makeup 2

Ruining the scores at the selfie game, Menon here looks flawless without any spec or spot on her skin. A girl’s best friend is her eye liner she believes as her face portrays nude beauty with a slight glance of liner highlighting her already pretty eyes.

3. Sudden Candids:

Lakshmi Menon Without Makeup 3

Stripping down to her bare minimum, an ivory earring and an eye catching monochrome suit, actress Lakshmi Menon looked her natural self in this picture. Her hair was sleeked and tied at the back denoting this as one of those lazy stay at home days. As she smiled away, unaware of her picture being taken, her candid looked naturally beautiful.

4. Being Pretty:

Lakshmi Menon Without Makeup 4

This time dressed in a nude legging and pairing it with a coral blue suit, Lakshmi Menon went traditional with a small black bindi adorning her beautiful face. Her hair in its natural glory was open and parted to the side as she this time aware of the camera posed a cute smirk on her face.

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