15 Best Laptop Bags For Men And Women

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Laptops have been one of the best innovations of mankind. They have made our life so easier. Be it mailing or communicating with friends or even doing work you can do it any place while you are at move. Doesn’t matter you are in airport or mall you can easily do your work, thanks to laptop or I must say laptop bags. Just imagine if there would be no laptop bags how could you carry it around. No, you cannot carry laptop bag in your hand everywhere. So, along with laptop; laptop bags have also made our life easier.

Just imagine you can carry a laptop bag everywhere and easily carry on with your other work. But there are a wide number of laptop bags available in the market. So, consumers might get confused which one to buy. Don’t worry. Here we have complied the 15 best laptop bags for men and women which available in the market of india along with images.

Stylish Laptop Bags For Men And Ladies In India:

1. Asus ROG Nomad Backpack Bag For Laptop:

Asus ROG Nomad Backpack

This can be your weekend gateway bag. Not only will it fit your laptop bag but also laptop accessories. Be it your mouse, charger, hard disk and likewise you can put your things in the backpack. Along with this you can carry your clothes and drinks too.

2. Ogio Renegade RSS Laptop Backpack Bag:

Ogio Renegade RSS Laptop Backpack

This is best bag in terms of pockets and compartments. There is no dearth of pockets and compartments with this one. You get laptop compartments, key pouch, bottle pocket an even sunglasses compartment.

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3. Brenthaven Collins Limited Edition Backpack:

Brenthaven Collins Limited Edition Backpack

This is one of the low profile but high in performance laptop bag. It can fit in 15 inch laptop. The dark exterior adds sophistication. The well built bag makes it durable and long lasting. It is one of the new stylish laptop bags for both men and women.

4.Ice Red AVA Laptop Backpack Bag:

Ice Red AVA Laptop Backpack

This bag is a love at first sight bag. It is crafted with style in mind. The long lasting nylon ensures quality with premium look. Different sized pocket makes you easy to fit in different products quite easily.

5.Amazon Basic Laptop And Tablet Bag:

Amazon Basic Laptop and Tablet Bag

This is one of the most basic and underrated bag. But this can easily be the multi-utility bag. It has a padded interior which maintains shape with excellent looks which is easy and convenient to carry. They are available in different sizes so you can get your desired size.

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6.Tylt Energi Backpack Bags:


This is a well built gadget bag wherein you can carry your laptop, battery and USB and likewise. This is a very stylish and multi-utility bag. But the single issue with this bag is that it is expensive. So, if you can manage the hole in your pocket then go ahead with this.

7.High Sierra Loop Laptop Bags:

High Sierra Loop Backpack

This is a trendy and youngster stylish bag. You can not only carry your laptop bag with it but also carry it with style, elegance and charm. It also has a headphone port wherein your headphone will be secured.

8.Incase Refom Brief Bag For Laptop:

Incase Refom Brief

This is perfect for your mac book. With zipper in the front your laptops will be secured in it. There is a faux fur lining which will keep your laptop secured and in placed. Thus, while traveling your laptop will be in place and secured.

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9.Waterfield Design Cosmo 2.0 Laptop Bags For Women:

Waterfield Design Cosmo 2.0

If you want to give a premium touch to your laptop bag go with it. You have colours like black or chocolate brown in it. The zipper finish and single handle gives it a perfect finish. Perfect for girls during the outings.

10.Sena Heritage Commuter Bag:

Sena Heritage Commuter Bag

It is made from soft and tumbled leather. The material of this bag makes it more durable and long lasting. The laptop bag also has a dedicated place for i pad too. So, thoughtful for the Sans.

11.Kensignton Jacqueline LM650 Laptop Tote Bag For Ladies:

Kensignton Jacqueline LM650 Laptop Tote Bag

It is the little black dress of the tote bag. The chic bag makes it perfect for occasions specifically parties. The matte black finish looks extremely classy and minimal. The faux leather makes the bag easier to carry.

12.Sola Urban Hybrid Briefcase Bag:

Sola Urban Hybrid Briefcase

This bag is one of the trendy and very formal way of carrying laptops. What can be more professional than a briefcase? Remember the age old people who used to carry briefcases to work. That was the more polished way to office. This briefcase has adjustable straps which makes you adjust your bags position quite easily.

13. Berchirly Vintage Military Men Canvas Messenger Bag:

Berchirly Vintage Military Men Canvas Messenger Bag

If anything is macho for the boys then that’s military style. And for girls who like sporty things military is for them too. So, anybody of that genre would surely love this bag. This has a pretty brown military colour which looks very chic and cool. The messenger is generally bulky with lots of space inside it. so, along with your laptop you can accommodate many things here.

14.Thule Crossover 25l Laptop Bag For Men:

Thule Crossover 25l Backpack

This is one of the super tough laptop bag. This is very long lasting and durable. But still the black colour with blue bordering makes it a very stylish option. And what makes it more appealing is the budget pricing.

15.Wenger Scansmart SA1900 Laptop Bag:

Wenger Scansmart SA1900 Backpack

With a slim lightweight laptop sleeve this is a must try laptop bag from my side. This is similar to a rucksack bag which can hold a number of materials inside it. the laptop bag also has a number of pockets or compartments in different sizes to keep rest of your belongings. The zip and the fabric is really long lasting.

So, here are the top 15 laptop bags recommendations from our side. You must remember 2-3 things while buying a laptop bag –

  • Laptop size
  • Budget
  • Usage

Bear these things in mind and you will definitely own a laptop bag which is not only your favourite but you will get jealous eyes from your friends and other companions. The above mentioned bags are easily available on a number of online shopping sites as well as in your nearest store too.

Let us know which one you liked in the comments below. Also, if you own any one of this dos ahre your experience. Let us know about your favorite laptop bag.