Top 15 Latest Hairstyles for Girls 2015

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Latest types of hairdos are quite popular amongst most teenagers and college girls. They like to wear what celebrities are wearing on the award functions and other shows. These can be many different types of looks like the back crunched, curly or even short cuts. These are quite popular and a person can wear a shape that is more comfortable to that person to wear on a regular basis. If a person is not comfortable to wearing open length then they can try out pixies whereas if a person is wants to sport a sweat free shape then shorter cropped looks are easier to sport.

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Some people may not like cropping, therefore they may try out some longer length type shapes, these can be done with false clip in for people who want to try these for some specific night outs or day out for shopping. These can be bought from many different stores that sell these. Some gums and pastes with water sprays and other products can be quite useful for these.

Below are the top 15 latest hairstyles for girls that a person must definitely try out.

1. Crunched Back Bun:

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This is a very popular type of look which any celebrities sport. This is also easy to wear and recreate. This can be worn on a regular basis. This is also good when a person is very busy to wash every day the sections with a shampoo or has product build up, then these can be done easily as the sections become frizzed. Some gum or pastes can also be used to recreate these. Bobby pins and clips can be used along with blow drying.

2. High Short Pixie:

latest hairstyles for girls2

This can be a very party type hair look that can be tried easily. However, products may be required like gums and other pastes to make the high hive. This can be done on short sections with the help of professional parlour people. This can also be a sweat free look for summers. This can be worn by boyish girls. This is also quite maintenance free to sport for parties and other get-togethers.

3. Boyish Bob:

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This is a boyish look which can be good when a person wants a Chinese look. These can also be done with frontal sections which can make this more fashionable. This can be easily re created and styled without much problem. This is also low on maintenance. Stepping can be done on the back of the shape to give this a much thick look.

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4. Edged Party Girl:

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This is a much chopped up shape that has been done on moderate length. This can also be done on length that is longer than shoulder length for people who do not wear extremely short looks. This is hairstyle easy to sport and also re created quite easily. This can be worn on day out summer shopping with friends and can also be good for discos and night outs.

5. Stylish Side Parted Party Girl:

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This is a very stylish hair look for girls that can be done with some light brushing and use of some gum or paste. These can be done with some serum as well to give this a sleek look. This can be worn for parties and also for traditional occasions. These can be worn during summers because these are short and can keep a person sweat free.

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