15 Wondrous Latest Rangoli Designs 2017 With Images

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For any Indian festival, putting rangoli is a must. It is a form of art which can be done in designs of various shapes and sizes. You are free to use your own sense of creativity and create these rangolis. Here is a list of 15 beautiful latest rangoli designs 2017 which can be of your use.They are made using coloured flour, flowers, petals and some other things.

Latest Rangoli Designs 2017 With Images:

1. Simple Rangoli Design With Colors:

Latest Rangoli Designs-Simple Rangoli Design

This consists of rangoli creations done in very simple designs. These designs do not need much effort to be made and thus are very simple in nature. They comprise of designs which are not much elaborative in nature. You can do this with the help of rangoli powder or flowers. The contrasting colours give the rangoli a very appealing and beautiful look.

2. Latest Rangoli Design With Flowers:

Latest Rangoli Designs-Flower Rangoli Designs

These rangoli designs are in the shape and size of a flower. These are generally done in times of an ethnic or traditional occasion. You are free to use colours of all kinds to create the most unique flower design. This is great for beginners who want to try their hands from simple designs.

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3. Latest Peacock Rangoli Design:

Latest Rangoli Designs-Peacock Rangoli Design

Peacock being the national bird of India serves as an important rangoli design. They are presented in varied colours and designs.Though the design is the same but can be created in varied ways. The feather of the peacock can be made in the most unique way with the use of colours. It is a great design for all kinds of occasions.

4. New Swastik Rangoli Design:

Latest Rangoli Designs-Swastik Rangoli Design

This design is completely traditional and has been prevalent for a long time now. These designs are usually done in religious occasions. It is most popular in Diwali and is used as a symbol to welcome guests. It is done at the doorstep to enhance the beauty of it. You can also make a Sri symbol within the design to give a subtle effect.

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5. Geometric Rangoli Designs:

Latest Rangoli Designs-Geometric Design

You can also create rangolis of varied designs which are geometrical in pattern. They consist of concentric circles, rectangles, triangles are various other patterns. They give a very fulfilling look to the rangoli as they consist of concrete shapes. They are also very attractive and unique in nature. You can make them using rangoli dust or flowers.

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