Top 9 Latest Sandals for Women

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Hello Gorgeous Girls,

This post is dedicated to the latest sandal. These are the sandals which are making waves in present times. Today’s market is segregated in two major forms – online and offline. Offline market has expanded a lot in present time. So, whatever trend you are seeing today in local markets you can also see them in online stores. Actually i prefer online much more than compared to offline stores. In online stores you get lots of options and brands in quite varying price range. you can get really budget quality products in online shops. Well, i am not bragging and taking sides of online stores. I love both of them equally.

Well, let’s move toward today’s post. So, this post is a compilation of latest sandals both in online as well as in offline stores.

1. Flats:


This is the flat sandals. These are the most comfortable footwear. They have very thin soles which doesn’t have even a bit of heels or platforms. They are apt for daily wear and long outings. These are perfect both for summers and winters. Flat sandals can be both strappy and slip on s. So girls make your choice in terms of widely available options at present.

2. Bellies:


Belly is the latest sandal in present times. I find it a huge hit in footwear department. This are easier to carry and comfortable to wear. These are one of the easiest and less time consuming sandals. Belly comes in wide variety of colour and patterns. This were launched as flat sandals and gained a lot of popularity.

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3. Boots:


Boots are a huge hit and winter staple. They have lately become a fashion staple. Boots serve the perfect pair when you needed extra layer of protection and warmth.

4. Heels:


Heeled sandals are the perfect height gift for those short petite ladies. This gives an illusion of height. and one more thing which i love about these heeled sandals is that they give a beautiful dimensions and style to feet and your walk. I earlier used to feel that how do models walk so beautifully. But lately i understood that heels give such beautiful walk. Wear high heeled pumps and see the difference and poise in your walk.

5. Wedges:


Wedges came in market some years back, i guess 3-4 years back. But i felt they have made life really easier. Earlier heels were the only option to get height but after wedges came in focus girls have got another option. So, trust me all people reading out there wedges have made life much easier. They are comfortable and pain free as compared to heels.

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6. Flip Flops:

Flip Flops

Another casual form of footwear. These are like the simple slip on s. You literally need to only slip on your footwear and move around the world. Isn’t it quite simple??? Flip flops come in a number of patterns and colours. They come both in flats and platform shape.

7. Shoes:


Shoes are another hit form of footwear. Shoes have quite varied forms and styles. They come in sneakers, canvas shoes, boots and many more. sneakers look quite sporty but equally appealing. It comes in varied colours, patterns and different materials too. Material makes the shoe quite varied in durability. Boots are another form of shoes. They are comfy in winters. Boots are made of thick material and sometimes also made with fur too.

8. Loafers:


Loafers are quite easy and simple slips on s. They are made of a little tough material and which makes it more durable and long lasting. Loafers are quite perfect for everyday wear. This makes it easy for day outings. It comes in wide variety of prints, patterns and colours too.

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9. Mules and Slip on S:

Mules and Slip on S

Mules and slip on s are quite old and hit pair of foot wears. This are quite similar to slip on s. Slip on s are perfect to wear. You just need to put your foot inside and you are all ready set to go.

So, these are the latest sandals round up. these are some footwear which are making wave in girl’s heart and not to forgot girls feet too.