10 Pictures of Lily Collins without Makeup

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Lily Collins is a very well-known British-American actress that has taken beauty to the next level not because she looks good in makeup but it is actually the exact opposite of that. Lily is well known around the world as one of the most beautiful ladies to ever walk to earth and rightfully so because Lily Collins is a natural beauty who is also down to earth. She does not boast of what she has and instead uses all the natural means possible so that she may maintain what she is gifted with. Apart from acting Lily also takes time out for her to eat healthy, exercise regularly and rink plenty of water which are the three things that you must do if you want to look naturally good without the need for makeup on an elaborate scale.

1. The Red Carpet:

lily collins without makeup1

Like every celebrity, Lily Collins no makeup is well versed with the ways of the red carpet but unlike many others lily actually steals the show for the time that she visits any premier event or awards ceremony with her magnificent features and collective attitude.

2. Minimalist:

lily collins without makeup2

Lily Collins without makeup is a person that has absolutely stunned the world with the concept of natural beauty and only carries necessary items with her like eyeliner and mascara for the added effect. Other than that she is all natural.

3. Fashion Show Still:


This is a picture taken of lily at a fashion show where she is looking even better than most of the models that are present there. Lily is the perfect representation of natural beauty and is the role model to millions of women around the world.

4. Candid:

lily collins without makeup4

This picture taken of lily is actually a candid shot portraying lily when she is least expecting the picture but this does not sway this amazing lady as she buckles up and still looks like the diva that she is.

5. Casuals:

lily collins without makeup5

This is more of a casual picture of lily while she enjoys some sun. notice that she is not wearing any makeup other than the essentials that she carries but still looks as radiant as ever.

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6. Out on The Town:


This picture shows lily while she enjoys some time out with her friends. Her casual way of dressing and natural looks gives this lady ingenuity that not many women can say that they can pull off very easily.

7. Radiant Smile:


This amazing lady has the best smile in the industry and that is all she needs to actually match with her looks because the smile that she has is all the makeup that she needs to actually look stunning for any situation.

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8. Movie Still:


This picture was taken of lily Collins without make up while she was doing a movie. Notice that the stylist used very little makeup on her face and whatever was used was actually done to help intensify this lady’s already good looks. Though not all movies are the same this picture speaks a thousand words.

9. Premiere Still:

lily collins without makeup9

In this picture we find lily Collins makeup at one of her premiere movie events looking absolutely stunning. She surely was the talk of the crowd that evening.

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10. Only Essentials:

lily collins without makeup10

The maximum that lily carries with her for all occasion is a lipstick and a mascara to top up the already minimal makeup that she wears.

Lilly Collins is a well known actress that is the heartthrob of millions of men around the world and the role model of millions of women and is the true personification of natural beauty.

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