9 Best Lip Balms With SPF

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The skin in your lip region is twice thinner and more delicate than the facial skin cells. As a result, daily ignorance often blackens the lips leaving you wondering and pondering on the causes for it. one of the primary causes can be smoking where the burning tobacco takes a toll on your delicate lips. The next and the most important reason is the presence of UV rays amongst the sun which on exposure not only causes cell damage and skin darkening but can also lead to much more threatening disease, including skin cancer.

The solution for all this is quite simple. A lip balm at the bottom corner pocket of your everyday purse will help you go a long way into maintaining your pretty puckers while keeping them safe and secure from the sun. given below is a list of some of the best lip balms with SPFs that would help you regain control over your lips.

1. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer:

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The Norwegian formula lip moisturizer comes with SPF15 which nourishes and protects your skin from the harsh sun rays and UV attack while this fragrance free lip balm will moisturize and condition your rough chaffed lips and provide you long lasting effect without giving off a waxy feeling.

2. Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm:

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Offering you a catalogue of tinted lip balms, Neutrogena’s revitalizing lip balm range comes with SPF20 that provides optimum protection from the sun while the ion2complex in the mixture instantly changes the texture of your rough skin to a soft moisturized one.

3. Biotique Lightening Lip Balm Spf30- Bio Morning Nectar:

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With special crease reduction formulae, the chaffed and dried creases in your lips in no time will start looking much fuller and plump. With SPF30 and lightening properties, you can rely on your lips to shine and smile the entire day without drying or losing its natural color.

4. Avene High Pro Spf30 Lip Balm:

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The high SPF of 30 will soothe the skin while protecting it from the sun but that is not only why Avene’s lip balm is a hit. Suitable for all skin types, especially the sensitive kinds, this lip balm reverses the damage already done from sun tan by renewing and rejuvenating the skin cells.

5. Eos Lemon Drop Spf15 Lip Balm Sphere:

Lip balms with SPF  5

This gluten free lemon drop lip balm enlists its primary ingredients as vitamin E, jojoba oil and a hint of Shea butter, a unique concoction that not only moisturizes and nourishes the lip skin but also provides broad spectrum protection from the harmful UVs. Petroleum and Paraben free is yet another quality of this all natural lip care balm.

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6. Vlcc Natural Sciences Daily Protect Mango Lip Balm:

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A handsome cocktail of all natural ingredients, rather a beautiful fusion of butters, mainly Shea butter, mango and castor oil butter combination that thoroughly hydrates chaffed lips, locking in the hydration to provide long lasting smoothness. Coming with SPF15 sun protection is an added boon.

7. Nivea Sun Protection Lip Care Balm:

Lip balms with SPF  7

Not only does the SPF relief you of sun damage and UV ray attack, but also puts a barrier against premature lip ageing. Mixed with vitamin E and sunflower oil, this balm partakes in lip skin lightening along side moisturization and hydration.

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8. The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care:

Lip balms with SPF  8

This comes with SPF15 and the basic product that offers health to the lip is the Vitamin E that is mixed in with vanilla extracts which not only provides a faint fragrance but also keeps the detailed protection and softness routine on check.

9. Asap Hydrating Lip Balm Spf15:

Lip balms with SPF  9

The key benefit of this balm is enlisted in the product itself as it hydrates the rough skin by infiltrating the creases and moistening the lower levels to give you a soft lip. This balm is enabled with SPF15 which acts as a sun protection.

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