Top 15 Lip Gloss Brands in India

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Lip makeup is never complete without a shiny tint. Almost all girls like to wear glosses or a shiny balm over their lipsticks.

If you are looking to add some new lip glosses to your collection, then below are the top 15 brands that you can try out.

1. L-Oreal Paris:

L Oreal Paris lip gloss

This range is not an easily affordable thing to all girls. Especially for those who are students or do not like spending a lot on cosmetics, they will find this thing quite costly. This offers variants like Glamshine, Shine Caresse, etc. These are differently priced and mostly range from 500 INR to 900 INR or above. The bottles are a very eye catching thing with this range. These often have a golden cap which makes it more beautiful to look at. The perfume smell and the tint is also liked by many.

2. Colorbar:

Colorbar lip gloss

This is another high priced range that you can easily find at drugstores or buy from sites. Another important thing about this range is that you will be able to find less costly stuff here. But these are not as cheap as 150 to 200 INR. These are often around 500 to 700 INR which is also the normal price range for other products from by this brand. There are various types of variants that this offers like Radient, Starshine, Natural, etc. So if you are looking for some shine or shine with some sparkles or simply a lustre then you can find those easily.

3. Crabtree & Evelyn:

Crabtree & Evelyn lip gloss

This is another well known thing that you can come across. This is a new range these days and quite pricy. If you are looking for something high end, then this is not a bad choice. You can try a shade of this. These are priced from 1195 INR to 2000 INR depending on flavour and the tint or shine whatever you are looking for. These often come in lustrous colors and you can wear these for parties when you need neutral or soft colors with dark eyes.

4. Coloressence:

Coloressence lip gloss

Products from this name are very popular. This is not because this offers good things for affordable prices but also because people like those and these come in various hues. If you want something that is easily affordable and not heavy on the pocket, yet you will get a smooth look along with Moisturization which many of us want for at least 10 to 12 hours stay or the minimum of 6 hours then this is quite the thing that you should buy. It costs around 250 to 300 INR depending on the variant and quantity.

5. Maybelline:

Maybelline lip gloss

There are various types of things that this offers. If you are looking for a normal shine, then try its very much liked Liquid Diamonds, or Water Shine. There are colors to choose from and this comes from 250 to 300 INR. This is quite affordable and also the flavouring is liked by many. If you are looking for that brush applicator which makes gliding smooth, then this is quite proper for that as well.

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