25 Modern & Unique Living Room Designs

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Living room designs for your home should be such that it looks spacious. People always try to keep decorating their home with new materials. The market always produces new items of decorations and gets utilized by humans. These decorations of your living room exaggerate the excellent work of the interior. This interior work is having much creativity involved in it.

People always strive for new things and keep on trying new things to give a new look to your home. Such stylish living rooms always attract people and it appears very pleasant. There can be different theme based decoration for your living rooms. Many ancient and traditional items coming in the market and even modern touch can also be given to the room decoration.

Latest and Stylish Living Room Designs:

Living room is the first thing which gets noticed by outsiders. So it always needs to be properly arranged to create a first impression on your guests. Let’s find here with attached few living room design ideas with pictures.

1. Rustic Living Room

Rustic Living Room

This design of living room is having wood theme in the centre. Most of the use of wood is done in this. The floor, the roof and the balcony arch are also of wood. It is also having a place where you can sit near a fireplace. Beautiful arrangement of sofa is done with a plant on corner side. This rustic living room is having wood as the central theme and fire place wall is just awesome.

2. Contemporary Living Room

Contemporary Living Room

This living room design idea is really a superb one. White sofa is placed in between with one white designer chair filled up with colourful cushions. The designs of lamps are also unique. There are two Dholak like table on both sides of the sofa and one big photo frame on the wall. A big photo frame on the wall is a collection of small square photos and it is looking incredible.

3. Funky Living Room

Funky Living Room

This living room interior design idea is funky one. It is having modern art frame on the wall and an open balcony with pretty view. There are printed sofas with a carpet of fur beneath glass table. Two white chairs are kept and there is seating arrangement even outside the balcony. Every item of this living room is extraordinary and having exceptional designs.

4. Scandinavian Living Room

Scandinavian Living Room

This living room idea is best for spacious rooms. Long sofa is there with two glass tables. After some space again two chairs are kept. Opposite sofa over wooden table one home plant is there and beside it, an arrangement is done to keep general stuff. The roof is having triangle design. One big mushroom like item is kept over a table near the chairs.

5. Modern Living Room

Modern Living Room

This is one of the best interior design for living room. The very nice sofa is there where you can sit peacefully. There is having big window glasses accompanying designer lamp. One ancient design long stool is kept and beside it there is attractive open bricks wall. This living room is having pleasant atmosphere and there is tri bulb lamp design. Modern touch has been given to the interior.

6. Traditional Living Room

Traditional Living Room

This beautiful living room is such where you can spend your whole day viewing the outer area. One table is in between with romantic candles and the table is surrounded by sofas. The glass door is open. If it,s raining, this place will blow out to be just full of love. The sofa is here not having any cushions. The fire is burned up in the fireplace area. Big trees are visible from big glass doors.

7. Cottage Living Room

Cottage Living Room

In cottages, such design of living room can be done. Each corner of the living room is utilized with sofas chairs, table, plant and lamp. One brown cupboard is kept near the door. The cushion cover and lamp design is simply gorgeous. The curtains are also amazing. Tempting flowers are kept on pot of various designs and that are spreading its fascinating smell in the room.

8. Victorian Living Room

Victorian Living Room

In the Victorian Era, such designer living rooms used to be there. It is a unique purple colour sofa with designer chair and stool. The carpet is placed on surface with big table having wine glass. A chandelier used to be mandatory and there is also a circular mirror hanging. There is big window covered half with curtains. The cupboard is having glass door so it will show your beautiful show pieces.

9. Gothic Living Room

Gothic Living Room

This living room interior design idea is appropriate for smaller rooms. The wall is fully painted with red colour. Soft sofa is there with both side round white table placed with black lamp. Over carpet, there are two circular glass tables and big white fur cushion is on the floor. It looks like a Vampire house. The whole atmosphere of this living room is dark. The stand of the lamp is having isolated pattern.

10. Classy Living Room

Classy Living Room

This is a classy living room idea with white theme colour. The wall, sofa and photo frames are of white colour. The even white lily flower is kept in between the table and on one side of the sofa. The table kept in the middle is of soft cushion and big ones. Everything defines your status. The living room is appearing out to be striking and charismatic with its interior decoration. It is just irresistible.

11. Mid-Century Living Room

Mid-Century Living Room

This design of living room is so attractive and alluring. One designer red chair is there which looks like a staircase. The triangle shape glass table is in the middle, which is eye-catchy. Plain design sofa is there with only two cushions. And behind it there is a messy design photo frame with pleasant lamp. Even the colour combination of the walls is classy and attractive small pot is kept on a glass table.

12. Mediterranean Living Room

Mediterranean Living Room

This Mediterranean living room design is having a round roof with the circular sitting arrangement. There are different designs of sofas here with long and chair system. There is one table in between and three chandeliers with candles lightening. The whole family can seat together in the big living room. The window portion is created in round shape from where you can clearly enjoy the outer atmosphere.

13. Cabin Living Room

Cabin Living Room

It is small living room interior design idea with a cabin like room. The walls and windows are constructed from wood and there is also one big round pillar standing near the sofa. The sofas placed are really comfortable with softness and lights are attached with fans only. This small living room is having fans with five strings. The decoration done is such an alluring one and peerless.

14. Chalet Living Room

Chalet Living Room

This is a very big living room design idea for a bungalow. There is very long L shaped sofa on one side and another is designer sofa. The pleasant triangle wood roof is constructed with everywhere glass work. There is big pot kept beside the long sofa and full size curtains are hanging to cover full windows. This living room is looking so charming and engaging that it wins away heart of people.

15. Asian Living Room

Asian Living Room

The sofa is really different for this beautiful living room. The big red colour sofa is there which is matched with amazing red curtains with white print. One mirror and big photo frame are hanging and there is one table near the sofa. One chair is also there and one cupboard is kept with open and close section. The lamps are having yellow bulbs. The room is having a delightful rocking chair.

16. Craftsman Living Room

Craftsman Living Room

It is a big living room interior design idea with small and big carpet on the floor. One book shelf is created opposite wood sofa. Near fireplace, pretty copper elephant is standing and the on table, one small plant is kept. This living room is designed in a mind-blowing way. Many things are kept in this book shelf which is looking enchanting. The curtains are attached to the window with an appealing look.

17. Industrial Living Room

Industrial Living Room

It is simple and beautiful living room with white wall and pillar. There are also white colour small size sofa kept and beside there is black long table. There are two white round lamps and on the small dining table, black lamp is hanged. The whole living room is looking awesome. There is so much space left empty in this living room with pretty window designs. Two big pillars are there in this room.

18. Country Living Room

Country Living Room

This is a congested interior design for living room with many glasses and artistic work hanging on walls. The living room is decorated with white sofa and table. Few plants are kept over table and glass stool. On side area, stair case is there. Ancient collection is kept in this living room. This white and brown colour combination of living room is captivating people. Many items are kept in this living room.

19. Southwest Living Room

Southwest Living Room

This design of living room is just marvellous. On white sofa there is a designer cover of the cushion is kept. There is table in the middle, which is having three polished pots. Two single sofas are there with lining designs. The dining table is having candles with two bulbs hanging over it. It is looking fancy too. Different shapes of arch are created in this spacious living room.

20. Spanish Style Living Room

Spanish Style Living Room

It is the rectangular shape design of living room with all over the carpet. One big piano is placed and besides there are a number of sofas placed. The whole room is covered with a wooden roof and each wall is having long curtains. One big glass table is in middle over which green colour horse toy is kept. Lovely chandelier is dangling over a sofa which is having candles light up.

21. Simple Living Room

Simple Living Room

This is a simple and pretty design of living room. Ultra-soft light brown shade sofa is there with two unique design chairs on both sides. One big television is kept over wood shelf with a flower vase. Two designer bulbs are hanging on both side of the photo frame. There are two tables in this living room. Here the floor tiles design is plain, shaded and small square shape. This is looking pleasant.

22. Casual Style Living Room

Casual Style Living Room

This is modern living room interior design idea with L shaped attractive sofas. Beautiful cushions are enhancing the beauty of the sofa. In the middle there is a wooden table and on the side there is wood stand for sitting. Two bulbs are lightened up with nice photo frames on both walls. The back cover of the sofa is having amazing designs and the seat cover is left plain. The floors are also shining.

23. Stylish Living Room

Stylish Living Room

It is a spacious and stylish design of living room. The room is having pleasant plants, sofas, one big table in the middle and one big clock on the wall. Over fire place, television is hanging and roof is lightening with LED bulbs. The kitchen area is adjoined with living room. Few colourful cushions are enlightening the white plain sofas. Few tables are there having many stuffs over there.

24. Sophisticated Living Room

Sophisticated Living Room

This is the very sophisticated living room design with shining floors. Designer orange sofas are there with orange lamp. Beside sofa, gorgeous designs of shelves are created to keep your books and other stuff. One black flower pot is there behind sofa which is having a circular green leaf plant. This simple and smart living room design is snatching the hearts away and is looking simply superb.

25. Standard Living Room

Standard Living Room

This bungalow is having designer living room with designer flooring tiles. Very amazing interior is done in this living room. There is a superb white sofa with white table in the middle and side area of sofa. On both table, there is a nice flower vase is placed. There is a attractive dining table near the living room with revolving chairs. Some real plants are grown near staircase.

There are so many pleasant and creative living room designs. One can create their own idea of a living room and decorate it as the way you like. There are many beautiful things available in market with the help of which you can extremely new look to your living room. One can even take help of an interior designer to decorate the living room. By decorating living rooms, one can create a long lasting impression in the minds of their relatives. Properly designed living rooms always appear out fantastic.

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