Top 9 Long Bob Hairstyles

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Among the numerous trendy haircuts that are in vogue these days, long bob haircuts are worth mentionable. In this particular hairstyle the length of the hair is not too long nor too short, it is rather somewhere in the middle. However, there are certain things that are to be kept in mind if you want to maintain a long bob hairstyle. Some of the best long bob hairstyles are given below.

1. Curly Long Bob:

Long Bob Hairstyles 1

Long bob hair when properly curled looks very attractive. It is easy to maintain and suits women of all face shapes. This hairstyle is totally suitable for all kinds of events. Those who have oval faces can style their long bob in this curly way as it ideal for females with diamond-shaped faces.

2. Flowing Long Bob:

Long Bob Hairstyles 2


One of the best things about flowing long bob hairstyles is their magnificent flow feature. This hairstyle is intended to embrace your collar bone. This is one of the hottest hairstyles and also one of the easiest to maintain. Women with straight hair can enjoy this style without much difficulty as it provides a soft and glowing look on straight hair.

3. Soft And Layered Long Bob:

Long Bob Hairstyles 3

It is not necessary that long bob hairstyle will have short hair of equal length. There may be variations in length which is one of the main characteristics of this layered long bob hairstyle. After setting your hair use a spray to give it the perfect shine.

4. Sleek And Framed Long Bob:

Long Bob Hairstyles 4

This is one of the finest versions of the long bob hairstyle. It comes with a smooth and glossy look which is ideal for all sorts of occasions. This definitive bob has a gorgeous fringe which looks best on oval faces. Women with square shaped faces can also wear this look. For sporting this look, you need to blow your hair dry and smooth it with the help of a flat iron.

5. Long Bob With Red Waves:

Long Bob Hairstyles 5

A well-colored hair with a touch of waves will look magnificent. This is such a type of hairstyle. It is simple and sophisticated at the same time. Being one of the trendiest hairstyles of this season, it is mainly sported by women with UN-subdivided faces. Red is the most suitable color for this type of wavy hair at red is always more appealing compared to other hair colors.

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6. Smooth Long Bob:

Long Bob Hairstyles 6

One of the most elegant hairstyles in this fashion oriented world is the smooth long bob hairstyle. This elegant hairstyle comes with side fringes. It sets the face frame and brings out an overall sophisticated look. It is suitable for women with thick hair or medium thick hair.

7. Straight Bob:

Long Bob Hairstyles 7

This hairstyle is for almost every girl. It is simple and easy to maintain. Women with straight or wavy hair can check out this style.

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8. Asymmetrical Bob:

Long Bob Hairstyles 8

This is simply a standard long bob hairstyle with a little parting flutter on the side. Being one of the most stylish looks for women, this is one of the best steps you can take if you’re willing to sprout your hair on the exterior. This mind-blowing haircut is perfect for all face shapes.

9. Classic Bob:

Long Bob Hairstyles 9

This look is inspired by the beauties of 40’s. This vintage hairstyle is a combination of the old school and modern hairstyle, put together to form one of the best long bob hairstyles. This provides the bob an alluring look. Women with wavy to straight hair will simply rock this hairstyle.

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