50 Best Homemade Tips For Long Hair

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Indian girls are known all over the world for their long beautiful black hairs. But keeping long hairs are not at all that easy. We have to follow strict regime for keeping our hairs healthy and beautiful along with long length. From eating right to washing your hairs properly all are important! Following are the few homemade tips for growing long length hair which should always be kept in mind for healthy and long tresses.

Homemade Tips For Long Hair

Best And Effective Homemade Tips For Long Hair :

1. How To Combat Split Ends :

Splits ends happen due to breakage of hair vertically at the ends dues to nutritional deficiency, or cosmetic abuse. To avoid split ends avoid excessive chemical and heat abuse, and rule out for vitamin deficiencies.

Trimming hairs regularly helps in avoiding spilt ends as split ends reduce the growth of hair.

2. Healthy Diet With Plenty Of Water :

Low Iron content in the body can cause hair fall. So, Include foods in diet and get plenty of sleep. It is also important to drink at least 3 liters of water every day.

Water not only helps in keeping our skin good but also helps in hair root strengthen.

3. Avoid Alcohol To Get Long Hair :

Avoid caffeine, alcohol and smoking. They are not only injurious to health but they also slow down the hair growth process also.

4. Leave Your Stress At Work :

stress for long hair

If you are doing all you can and still seeing gobs of hair falling off, that means you are suffering from hair fall problem coming out of stress. Olive oil is knows to reduce the stress level .This applied on regular basis makes hair strong and improve its texture as well.

5. Combing With Care :

Be gentle while combing your hair and use wide teeth brush and detangle your hair slowly. Comb your hair once before hair wash.

Combing hairs before hair wash reduces the of chances tangling while washing them. And first allow your hairs to dry naturally as the roots become weak when we wash our hair. Combing wet hairs generally pull out few strands of hairs causing hair fall too. So avoid combing wet hairs. It is one of the best and simple home remedies for long hair growth.

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