9 Best Long Hairstyles for Fine Hair

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The best boon about having a head full of hair down till your mid back is only known to the respective person sporting the hair. The thing with long hair is that, you can easily sport any hairstyle you want. The length of the hair makes up for all other crisis points.

Hairstyles for Fine hair main

When we speak about fine hair, we usually mean a head full of soft and beautiful hair that would be fine inconsistency, not too thick and not too thin. With this you can easily add volume to your hair and at the same time tone down the volume when you want.

1. The Slight Emo:

long hairstyles for fine hair1

Emo hairstyle saw a classic uprising two to three years back and it has been made clear that this hairstyle is here to stay. Emo hairstyle incorporates Goth hairstyles with a little more edge to it. This hairstyle includes sharp front bangs with edgy ends along with free flowing hair at the back. Even though this is not a full emo look, it has a hint to it.

2. The Simple Pin up:

long hairstyles for fine hair2

This is one of the easiest hairstyles which takes hardly a minute or two. For this comb your hair thoroughly and then take the front lock from the right side, now pull it all the way back and pin it to the left back side. Now take another front lock from the other side and pin it to the right side.

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3. The Pinned up Pony:

long hairstyles for fine hair3

Start with some hair teasing on the front. Section your hair into two parts and then secure the lower layer with a tie. Before tying your hair make sure the two front locks are kept free. With the upper layer now create a looped ponytail by passing the upper layer through the lower pony. For the front two locks roll them up and pin them with the pony.

4. The Side Braid:

long hairstyles for fine hair4

For fine hair, the side braid is a good choice since it would help you attain volume to your hair. Start by braiding the front of the hair and bring it all the way to the side. Gather the rest of the hair to the side and now incorporate the front braid and start on with your main braid.

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