How to Use Green Tea For Weight Loss?

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Weight loss- we hear this word almost everywhere. Training centre advertisement, lifestyle tv channels, any magazine or anywhere. We all want to shed off those extra pounds which keeps dangling from stomach and side and almost anywhere. ‘Look fit and feel better’- thats the mantra today as everyone wants to look confident and carry any damn thing on universe. Well the strict schedule one has to follow is not as enticing and easy as it seems. It requires one to put a lot of hard work and effort. This includes exercising on a regular basis and following a strict diet.

One often confuses dieting with no eating at all. When in reality dieting simply means eating the right kind of healthy food at the right time. It doesn’t require one to stay hungry and starve. Infact it requires us to eat healthy at short intervals.

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There are some foods in the universe which helps in weight loss. Yes it may look a bit weird but it seriously does. Well we often say eat less in order to lose more weight, but few drinks and food in the universe helps us in losing weight. In reality what it does it increasing your metabolic rate.

Metabolic rate is responsible for conversion of fat into energy by various activities that are being performed every day. So in fat people the metabolic rate is very less and in thin people it is indeed more. So when one wants to lose weight along with some exercise one should indulge in such foods and drinks as they help in the process. One of them is green tea.

Green tea is the healthiest drink present on earth. Inculcated with innumerable benefits, this is one drink many actresses and models indulge in regularly. So let’s discuss some of the positives of this miraculous drink present on earth.

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1. Energises us: When something fills us with energy in increases our tendency to work as it makes us very active. So a cup of green tea in the morning fills us with lots of activity and energy

2. Builds metabolism: as we discussed earlier this tea increases the metabolic rate of our body. One chemical named EGCG is found in green tea which helps in increasing the metabolic rate of body and speeds it up. It reduces the amount of lipids that are consumed by the body on a given day. Green tea contains high level of antioxidants which builds metabolism in the body and help shed extra fats. If activity is done along with consumption it can reduce 70 whopping calories a day!

3. Acts to heat up the fuel in the body: the more metabolic rate of the body, the more fuel it needs for an activity. Fuel is stored in the form of fats in our body. So more fats are used at a faster rate resulting in loss of unwanted flab.

4. Appetite suppressant: there are many people who eat normal breakfast, and lunch. But during evening snack time they indulge in all sorts of fried and junk food. This is what is highly responsible. A cup of green tea keeps you full for a longer period of time, hence suppresses your appetite to a longer extent. So you no longer crave for unhealthy foods.

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Few tips along the way:

• Start your morning with green tea.
• One can indulge in drinking around 4-5 cups of green tea a day.
• Pregnant women should not drink too much of this tea. Consult the doctor for the proper dosage.
• Be regular do not skip.

Green tea along with weight loss has various other benefits. So indulge into this healthy drink to experience the result.

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