15 Best Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs And Meanings

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Lotus flower is of great importance in Asian traditions. Lotus tattoo designs are pretty popular and are sought after. It signifies symbolism and contains a lot of deeper meaning. Lotus tattoos can be imprinted by and on both men and women and the tattoo looks good on any part of the body. Lotus flower tattoo signifies struggle, changes and growth in life. It also has a lot of spiritual significance. Lotus tattoo designs are often accompanied by koi fish tattoos.

As an important symbol, a lotus flower has been utilized to symbolize purity, a new beginning, and new hope for life, longevity, endurance and divine beauty. As a lotus flower tattoo lover, you can get plenty of designs as these were not only beautiful but also meaningful. Because of the importance it holds, it has been awarded the best place in so many cultures and depicted in thousands of times.


The lotus flower has become a symbolization of a great many things. Here you will be spared with the usual long-winded introduction that will get straight into the tattoos. Gets the amazing collection of most captivating a lotus flower tattoos that makes you enjoy for sure. Get started immediately.

Fantastic Lotus Flower Tattoos With Images:

Here are the most attractive lotus flower tattoo designs for guys and women with pictures and their meanings. You can collect best one from right here.

1. Hindu Lotus Tattoo:

Lotus Flower Tattoo 9

Lotus flower Tattoos are designed with elegant eye-catching colors with their shadows having the Ohm symbol that represents in the Hindu people’s devotional culture. Actually, it was designed implying 8 petals and decorated with purple pink ink colors. While looking at these designs, it feels more amazing than the other designs. It deeply implies on spiritual concepts that are genially characterized by the God’s love.

2. Chest Lotus Flower Tattoo With Skull And Wings:

Lotus Flower Tattoo 14

Lotus tattoo with a pink color flower will usually bring the skull and wings from death to life. It looks as if something has grown on top part of something else that was dead once and it resembles to bring redemption to it. Skull used in this tattoo has been rediscovered as this is made from the vibrant colors. Whatever design may available going with the design of tattoo having the skull image will be unique that surprise other looking at it.

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3. Koi Fish Lotus Flower Tattoo Design:

Lotus flower tattoo 3

Here is a classic lotus tattoo along with a koi fish. This is a very popular design in Japan and China. Instead of using blue, you can use black and contrast it with another color. Enlarging this design leaves it at a very good risk of looking out of place and ugly. It is advisable that you use thin lines and keep the size compact. This is one of the most popular lotus flower tattoo designs for women.

4. Dual Lotus Flower Tattoo Design With Fishes:

Lotus flower tattoo 4

Here is another popular design where there are two koi fishes and the background is well painted. The color combination compliments the subject and the already outlined background will add depth to the tattoo and the composition looks filled too. You can change all the colors in accordance to your complexion and where you wish to place it. This type of intricate lotus flower tattoos getting more popularity in these days.

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5. Attractive Lotus Flower Tattoos:

Lotus flower tattoo 5

These are some geometric lotus designs that are also in a lot of demand. Enlarging them and filling them with bright colors will make it look brilliant and indubitably attractive. Try opting for colors that define your characteristics, so as to add more meaning to your tattoo and keep the lines bold. You can do so because they are geometric patterns and it allows for such alterations.

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