Low Fat Diet Menu and Its Benefits

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What is a Low Fat Diet?

Low fat diet is the one in which food is given keeping in mind how much calories and fats are actually needed by the body and what are the extras that can be avoided. It is a wise way of saying no to the food that is not filling but makes you put on a lot of fats that cause unnecessary bloating.

Junk and packed food, canned juices, fruits and vegetables do not contain fats directly, but have high sodium content which is also unhealthy for the body.

How It Works?

When you eat food low on fat, the body automatically uses up the extra fats that are there in the body to give energy and keep you charged during the day. This eventually leads to reduction in excess fats and you tend to lose weight too.

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It is important to note that nothing changes overnight, so start with reducing calorie intake and practicing exercise and yoga to make the body adapt to the new diet easily. It is also important to drink a lot of water so that you do not feel dehydrated. Since you will consume food high on fibre, the body will need more water than usual.

A Sample Low Fat Diet Plan:

Here is a one day Low Fat Diet Plan that you can follow. In addition, you can proceed for weeks without cholesterol by looking for healthy alternatives.


¾ cup Oatmeal, Banana, Orange Juice and/or Coffee

This healthy square meal in the morning is filling and will keep your energy levels high until it is time for lunch. All the foods do not contain any cholesterol and since are high on fibre keep the bowel movements normal and prevent constipation too.

Oatmeal can be cooked in several ways to make healthy foods look interesting and without boring you.

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1/2 tuna sandwich (with salad comprising of tomato, lettuce and light mayonnaise), A Cup of low-sodium soup with vegetables of your choice, an apple, Diet soda (optional)
This lunch sets you back on calories (about 500 calories) and contains a little fat (about 7.5 grams). If you can, then skip on the light mayonnaise, it is a source of 2/3rd of fats in the entire meal.
Soup needs to be chosen wisely, the sodium content should not pass the limit for the day.


Baby carrots or Low-fat microwave popcorn
Snacks are not important during the day, but if you are in the habit, do not start avoiding from day one of diet. Fill the stomach during snacks time with plain popcorn or a bowl of baby carrots. These are healthy and also filling. If corn causes constipation, look for a healthy salad instead of popcorn.


Pineapple salsa and salmon, cherry salad, ½ cup brown rice and a glass of wine
This plan is flexible as per your creativity. Make sure you do not eat very spicy and oily food too.


Make sure you have a healthy calorie free dessert if you like. Go for home made smoothie or yogurt-based desserts.

With any diet plan, initial reduction in weight is more noticeable than the later half. So do not get disappointed after 3-4 weeks if you lose less weight as compared to week one or two. Do not exert yourself with extra weeks of dieting. This might weaken the overall system. Practice dieting, and then give a body rest for a week or two, before continuing with the diet plan. In the weeks of rest also, do not eat junk that adds to calories, or you might come back to square one.

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