Low Sodium Diet Plan

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One of the most eminent and important mineral of all time, sodium is a must-have for the body. Found in almost all types of food items, the common table salt, our daily everyday salt being the richest source. However, the human body needs a very little amount of sodium in our body. Too much of sodium intake may lead to a high blood pressure problem along with problems like fuel retention in the body and as much as to swelling of limbs.

Why The Sodium Recession?

Thus keeping the minute amount in mind, a low sodium diet is introduced. But before we go into the specifications a brief passage of the importance sodium provides us with is explained. A mineral which can neither be ignored nor be obsessed with! Mineral like sodium is of paramount importance for us. Sodium blends in with the blood and helps us maintain the blood pressure level. It also helps in enzyme operation and muscle contraction. It also helps in glucose absorption, perfect working of cardiac issues and nervous issues as well. But too much of everything is never good and hence the low sodium diet.

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In a normal day we consume more sodium than we know off. Even without touching the salt shaker we are consuming a large amount of sodium because we use a lot of processed readymade boxed canned or frozen food. One teaspoon of salt contains approx 2.3 grams of sodium. A low sodium diet means a measured consumption of 1.5 or maximum 2.4gm of sodium.

A Step By Step To Maintaining The Diet:

To start of a low-sodium diet we ourselves should be careful about the amount of sodium we are consuming .the best way to do that is to stop salting the home-cooked or processed food. We don’t want to add more than what is already there. Even though the age old wisdom insists that salt-less food is tasteless food, one in order to maintain this diet needs to adapt themselves or their cooking method. Like a dash of lemon juice or experimenting with new methods that does not involve salt is always a fresh idea to start with.

Another important self control method is adapting to the new food process. Man is slave of habit and great wonders can be achieved just by adapting oneself in the new method that involves a pure salt free diet.

While you are adapting yourself to the variations, why not pick the food that is already low in sodium just like fruits or nutritious diets like the meat , poultry , or fish. Fresh vegetables are also a good option as long as they are not salted while being cooked or consumed.

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With this comes the restriction of abandoning any sort of fast food or junk food or restaurant food which is richly cooked in spices salts and herbs. Along with the home environment the outside food also matters since intake of either is not desirable when on this diet.

One should strictly keep themselves away even from alt substitutes specially those which contain high potassium percentage. While buying canned or processed food it is advisable to check the back for the ingredients. But it is not only food that we should be worried about, even water to some extent contains sodium so the next time you buy a bottled water make sure you check the hind part.

What To Leave And What To Take ?

A list of low- sodium food items that can be made into a everyday food habit is-
Any flour product example breads , chappatis or rotis. Everyday cereals such as oatmeal, puffed rice, wheat, fresh green vegetables such as peas and beans, meat and egg, dairy products and beverages etc.

Any salted product or salt in the cook or sodium-based product is a complete no-no.
At times even medicines contain sodium which should be checked.

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Even though a bit hard, low sodium is good for health as this diet plan keeps the body in check and helps us stay fit and fine.

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