Culture and Festivals of Madhya Pradesh

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Right in the centre of all the states and cities, right in the heart of India is a state known by the name Madhya Pradesh. Yes, the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh is one of the biggest states in India with a tribal population of approximately 20 % or more of the entire population present in India.  The home to many a national park, Madhya Pradesh or popularly known as MP is a well known reservoir of forest and animal life which are in abundance in this state. But to know these native civilians of this state one needs to attend some of their cultural get togethers and festivals celebrated widely across the country and thus in this article, you find the Culture and Festivals of Madhya Pradesh.

Culture and Festivals of Madhya Pradesh:

Being an urban as well as tribal concrete agglomeration, Madhya Pradesh often experiences tourist activities and due this, the religion-ethnicity tolerant state celebrates a wide range of festivals including the common New Year and Christmas events. Apart from this some of the other traditional festivals are-

During the early months of February and march the Pachmarhi festival is celebrated in Pachmarhi. The core attraction is the infamous shivratri mela experienced around this time. This festival worships lord Shiva as lacks of devotees flock to the holy shrine of Lord Shiva in the satpura range. The Mahadeo temple or the hill next to it is crowded with such devotees offering their prayers and worships. Small trades and fairs also take place as a form of entertainment. While this is just a one day celebration, the Khajura Dance festival which is also celebrated around this year is a full seven day dance festival one of the most important cultural events where all the locals, tourists and even celebrities flock to, to experience some first class cultural talent. This 29 year old celebration celebrated infront of the floodlit temples of the western groups in Khujrao provides a platform to all the local people with dances like odissi , kuchipudi , kathakali etc.

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Again in the late months of the year around November, the Chetiyagiri Vihara festival is held in Sanchi, where this one day celebration accumulates to the Buddhist principles and norms.  As thousands of Buddhist monks and saints flock to Sanchi to attend this festival, the relics of buddha’s two disciples are worshiped and viewed. This auspicious day surrounds entirely on these relics found which are known to be buddha’s two initial disciples.

Right around this time the Tansen music festival is also held. The myth goes back to the Akhbar years when Tansen, one of the nine jewels in Akbar’s court was buried right there in Gwalior and thus this festival which is a cultural musical event takes place in Gwalior, MP. Musicians from all around the world, celebrities and junior artists and everyone else visits this event. Even though it is a one day one event, the exuberant and fresh collection of some of the best voices in the country makes it quite a worthwhile memory.

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The state of Madhya Pradesh also celebrates the Dusshera in a fun and frolic way. This power packed 10 day festival starts surrounding the mythological story of Lord Rama being on exile and ends with his return,ie, the Dusshera when a replica of the villain king Ravana, is constructed out of hays and other flammable substances and once this clone is made which ends up several feet high, it is set on fire which symbolizes the victory of the good and the destruction of evil.

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Then there is Ganesh Chaturthi, worship of the elephant god and many other more.

Apart from this renowned festivals there are quite some other tribal festivals and traditional tribal fairs and melas.

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