Mahamudra – How To Do And Its Benefits

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Yoga has its weird ways of working out for the best of your benefits. While one may work on the internals to rectify minor damages, the other yoga might focus on presence of mind and the calmness that it strives to derive. Yoga is a vast term submerged in some of the greatest free hand exercises that can be performed from the own confines of your room.

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Slow paced and rhythmical placed on a base of deep breathing, yoga has its definite way of working up your body, thriving to give you a healthier body. Amongst the many various poses and posture, Mahamudra is just another one of the yoga procedure which we will talk about on today’s article. Apart from the steps to performing this yoga, we shall also discuss the benefits that can be achieved from this as well.

How To Do It?

In Sanskrit, the word ‘mudra’ stands for certain hand gestures while the ‘maha’ simply talks about ‘many’ or ‘great’, maybe talking about how this yoga poses benefits that are great in deal and many in number. Either way, Mahamudra has been one of the most primitive yoga forms mainly focusing on meditation with controlled breathing.

To start off, get your yoga mat ready.Sitting on the mat, on your back make sure your legs are outstretched in front of you as you get in your relaxed position. Now bend one of the limbs, say the left one all the way towards your groin so that the toe tip now touches the inner thigh.

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The right leg is still out stretched and straight as you bend forwards hauling yourself to get your fingers to touch the toe tips.At around this time, exhale as you bend forward and lock the breath in. once bent, you ought to slightly bend your head backwards and as you do so, breathe in air.

Fixating your gaze in a straight direction, now start performing the Moola Bandha, a pose where you suck in your breathe so that your stomach gets sucked in revealing your ribs prominently.Now the trick is to hold on to your breath for as long as possible without physically harming yourself.

At this point, you might want to contract your throat muscles so that it doesn’t allow air to pass in or leave the lungs. Once done, we shall continue with the posture releasing where we slowly tilt the head back down, straighten our legs and all throughout exhaling followed by deep breaths. Once back to original stance, start with the next leg and repeat the procedure at least four times.

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How Does It Help Us?

  • Body balance and eye to mind coordination is put to test in this yoga where once you cut off your breath, your sight might become a bit woozy asking you to lose your balance. At this time, holding on to the posture and going forth with the workout would help you strengthen your mind to sight cooperation and hence body balance.
  • This is a great breathing exercise, that makes sure your heart and lungs are working at the right pace. When the oxygen intake is cut off by holding on to the breath, the lungs surrounding the heart experience a pressure situation to work with the very little that they have retained. The heart also goes through a blood rush making sure all the clogged arteries are forced open.
  • The best benefit of Mahamudra is not limited in terms of physical satisfaction, but also a huge part has been dedicated to the calmness of mind.

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