Top 9 Malaika Arora Without Makeup

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Malaika Arora is a multi-talented woman. She is a VJ, dancer, model, actress, television presenter and a mother also. Within a decent height and a mind blowing physique, she is one of the most beautiful women in Indian film industry. When it comes to item girls, the name of Malaika Arora cannot be neglected. Being born in Chembur, India, she started her modeling career early and got into films as an item girl and did a number of films as well which got her substantial social recognition.

Being a part of Salman Khan’s family, she likes to keep herself fit and likes to stay her shape. For this, she has to go through a number of beauty treatments which might be suffocating at times. But Mrs. Khan is much more than just a plastic doll, who is surrounded by beauty products. Following are some of the best makeup-free pictures of Malaika Arora which will make you realize how beautiful this woman is in reality.

1. She Loves Her Kids:

Malaika Arora Without Makeup 1

This is a collage of Malaika and her son. In three of the picture, the item girl sports a makeup-free look. Her dazzling physique and naturally beautiful face are enough to impress the viewers. Whenever she takes a break from her fashion and movie business, she likes to devote herself in enjoying and spending time with her family. This humbling nature of her’s displays how beautiful she actually is from the inside.

2. Fun For All!

Malaika Arora Without Makeup 2

These pictures show Malaika enjoying at a family event. Without worrying a bit about makeup, she indulges herself in having fun and going totally crazy with her family on that particular event.

3. The Beauty Queen:

Malaika Arora Without Makeup 3

Associated with a number of beauty product and fashion brands, Malaika has massive knowledge and creativity when it comes to dressing up. Here she sports a casual white shirt, green bottoms, and an orange colored bag but along with that she displays her natural beauty by wearing zero makeup.

4. Girl In Tights:

Malaika Arora Without Makeup 4

Malaika has an awesome physique and likes to wear fitted clothes. She was spotted in the airport once wearing a tight gray top with which she flaunted her magnificent body. That day she wore no makeup but looked pretty enough to impress all the surrounding airport staff and flight attendants.

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