Top 9 Malaysian Food Recipes

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Do you like Malaysian food? Consuming and loving Malaysian food must be a requirement for any person proclaims to be a food lover. The blessed incorporation of Malaysian taste is strengthening, not by violent spices, other than by the set of populace which strongly adores about their cooking. So, this article is mainly focused on the top Malaysian food recipes.

Best Malaysian Food Recipes:

1. Bubur or Porridges:

Bubur or porridges

  •  The filling of these is coconut milk-based, from time to time sugary soups can wrap a mixture of vegetables plus meats, with even colored sphere of flour moreover coconut milk.
  •  Not at all any normal recipe is required to prepare bubur as dissimilar area boasts their area of expertise.

2. Murtabak:


  •  This is pan-fried bread overstuffed with crushed meat with onions and dished in peppery sauce is a food and a half, simply optional to the truly starving.
  •  An ideal murtabak is ready with a healthy quantity of crushed meat therefore; the taste comes throughout on the initial chew.

3.  Banana Leaf Rice:

Banana Leaf Rice

  •  In this, white rice is give out on a banana leaf by an mixture of curried meat or fish, vegetables, pickles, plus the wonderful addictive papadum seem like huge, encircling, flat crisps.
  •  Ordinarily simply the gravy of the curry resolve be dish up and no meat is hand out as it is destined to be a customary.

4. Malaysian Satay:

Malaysian Satay

  •  Typically completed with beef otherwise chicken, Malay satay’s are gently marinated and evenly grill.
  •  They are enjoying greatest with a spicy peanut sauce, rice cake, slivers of onions plus cucumbers which factually dissolve in your mouth.
  •  After eating this you will get a fair meal of carbo, fats, protein and vegetables.

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5. Nasi Dagang:

Nasi Dagang

  •  Every Malaysian food involves Nasi Dagang without this the food in incompleted. It is a famous breakfast food in the state on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, like Kelantan and Terengganu.
  •  This delicious dish contains rice boiled in fish curry and coconut milk, in addition to additional element like, solok lada, fried shaved coconut, vegetable pickles and hard-boiled eggs.

6. Roti Canai:

Roti Canai

  •  This roti canai is prepared as of thin dough, cooked taken with a white like bread, plus dished into an aromatic curry sauce for giving flavor.
  •  This Malaysian food offers an appetizing treat anytime of the daytime; however it is usually eaten for mealtime beside by a mug of milky tea.

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7. Curry Laksa:

Curry Laksa

  •  Malaysian curry laksa has volcanic kind of taste and contains all the aromas that are prepared from slim rice noodles enclosed in an affluent coconut cream curry.
  •  Its toppings comprise shredded chicken, fried tofu, shrimp, juicy squeeze of lime, and a handful of cilantro!

8. Nasi Kandar:

Nasi Kandar

  •  Particularly well-known in Penang, Malaysia, It is a dish which contains rice and a variety of dissimilar Indian style curries or fried meats.
  •  It is plain or kindly flavored, and dish up with a variety of side dishes like fried chicken, curried mutton, gizzards, cubed beef, fried prawns, fried squid or fish roe. Many people eat this by bare hands.

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9. Tepung Pelita:

Tepung pelita

  •  This is a sweet dish and a type of Malay-style pastry.
  •  The tepung pelita simply take the cake at what time compare to its post-dinner links because this is a double-layered coconut milk-based dessert.
  •  Lying on the top layer, broad coconut milk by salt and resting on the bottom, a comparable cloudy liquid diverse with pandan leaves and sugar to twist it green.
  •  Give out in bite-sized pandan leaf dishes, the wrapping of tepung pelita construct for simply satisfying greedy desires.

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