Top 15 Elegant Mangalsutra Chain Designs

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It is the tradition to wear a mangalsutra after marriage for every girl in India according to the Hindu culture. But as the time changes, the trend of the designs of mangalsutra has also changed. The women today do not like to carry heavy traditional designs. Instead they prefer wearing mangalsutra chains as they are light to wear and trendy. They are studded with diamonds, emerald, ruby, golden bead etc.

Mangalya Chain Designs:

Let’s have a glance of few amazing¬†mangalya chains designs to carry with simplicity.

1. Floral Mangalsutra Chain:


A floral designed mangalsutra is something you can gift to your beloved. A simple single string mangalsutra is here attached with a pendant of a flower design. The chain is also decorated with black beads in between and a emerald designed flower which adds to its beauty. Such a traditional pendant gives a delicate look on dresses.

2. Temple Designed Mangalsutra Design:


A mangalsutra chain designs in gold is something which every one desires for. A temple designed pendant with hues in black colour and gold. It gives a contemporary look to the religious women. To add to its beauty black crystal beads are hanged below the pendant. It best suits in traditional and other functions.

3. Simple Double Chained Mangalsutra:


This delicate chain mangalsutra is light in weight and is strung with black and red beads to give the chain a unique look. There are two red enamels which are cup shaped. When worn over the simplest dress or saree, it gives an enchanting look. It is also worn for regular use.

4. Circular Black Mangalsutra Design:


A mangalsutra chain which can be worn on dresses and sarees with an ethnic look. The chain is strung with black medium pious beads and a circular pendant is attached to it. The pendant is also studded with black emeralds of circular shape. This simple looking mangalsutra adds to the panache of anyone’s beauty.

5. Black And Golden Mangalsutra Chain:


Want a simple but kind of fancy look with a mangalsutra! Try this mangalsutra chain design in gold. The main attraction of this chain is the ball design it carries with black beads and golden beads too. It is a simple chain but gives an elegant look when taken on casuals also.

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