Top 9 Marathi Food Recipes

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Marathi recipes! Are you crazy for Maharashtrian cuisine? Marathi or Maharashtrian cooking is of Marathi citizens starting the state of Maharashtra in India. Maharashtrian food is recognized intended for its food range from living being gentle to extremely peppery dishes. The Marathi dishes are single of the most alluring as well as lip spanking delicacy that is filled of flavors in addition to spice.

Top 9 Marathi Food Recipes:

Now, below we listed some top Marathi recipes and they are as follows;

1. Aamti: Marathi Lentils or Dal:

Marathi Lentils or Dal

  •  Aamti is the particular way of making lentils in Maharashtra. It is a small spicy, a slight sweet plus a little hot.
  •   Aamti can be prepared by diverse dals and is recognized by different names like Katachi aamati, Golyanchi Aamti, Tur Dal.
  •  First of all take Tur dal or otherwise another dal which you like.
  •  Put in cooker with with some jiggery and dried mangos and tomato in a pressure cooker.
  •  After 15 to 20 minutes, take it out and fry it with chopped onions, green chili, some garlic cloves and garam masala.
  •  Put it on low flame for 10 minuts and serve it with steamed rice plus a spoon of ghee or butter.
  •  Tur Dal.

2. Chivda Pohey:

Chivda Pohey

  •  Pohey is an extremely trendy breakfast dish or bite served by means of tea.
  •  Batata pohe, Kanda pohe are some types of the poha.
  •  For batata poha you have to add flattened rice with cut up potatoes, fresh herbs and spices.
  •  Kanda pohe is prepared from flattened rice, onion, and spices and fresh herbs.
  •  Pohey is frequently garnish with dissimilar belongings like fresh coriander, grated coconut, compressed peanuts or Sev.

3. Puran Poli:

Puran Poli

  •     Very popular sweet thing in the Maharashtrian cuisine.
  •     It is prepared from boiled yellow gram (chana) dal, by mxing in it jaggery (molasses or gur), plain flour, and ghee and cardamom powder to make roti.
  •     It is like a sweet paratha in which this mixture is stuffed after cooking.

4. Shrikhand:


  •     Shrikhand is an Indian dessert ready of strained yogurt.
  •     The yogurt is fixed and hangs waiting for all the water has drained off, the outcome being a broad and soft yogurt.
  •     Dried up plus fresh fruit like mango pulp are involved to taste it and extra ingredient like cardamom powder, sugar, plus saffron are used.
  •     Finally, garnish with pinch of saffron and toasted nuts.

5. Rassa or Taambda or Pandhra or Varhadi:


  •     The non-vegetarian Marathi foods contain mutton, typically of sheep, chicken, lamb or goat, fish with additional seafood’s.
  •     The burning red curry is also named ‘Taambda Rassa’. This curry is prepared so peppery in Kolhapur by their particular chillies which it can create the ears sing, and is not for all.
  •     “Pandhra rassa” or white curry is a yogurt based curry and typically a chicken curry.

6. Misal Pav:

Misal Pav

  •     To make Misal first ‘Usal’ that is a water base curried training of cooked sprouted lentils is initialy ready and then pinnacle with batata-bhaji, Chivda, pohay, raw chopped onions farsaan, and tomato.
  •     Occasionally eaten with yogurt to incise the spice plus is forever served with dinner roll type bread call Pav as well as lemon wedges.

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7. Sabudana Khichdi:

Sabudana Khichdi

  •     Sabudana Khichdi is a well-liked breakfast thing and is permissible to be eaten on holy-fasting recognized in Marathi as “Upaas.”
  •     It is made with soaked sago with only green chili and groundnut with chopped potatoes fried in oil.

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8. Vada Pav:

Vada Pav

  •     This is fast-food snack or an Indian Burger!
  •      It is made up of a peppery, profound fried potato based patty named the “Wada” squeeze in among a thick rectangle of bread that is like to a burger bun.
  •     Serve with sour sauces or chutney” and fried salty green chilies.

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9. Sol-Kadhi:

Sol Kadhi

  •     Sol Kadhi is factually the spirit of all Maharashtrian food.
  •     It is prepared from yogurt by mixing chana dal powder and after that fried with kaddi patta and green chillis.

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