9 Pictures of Marian Rivera without Makeup

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Marian Rivera is a well known Spanish Filipino actress that is actually a much known commercial actress and model that has taken the world by storm by her natural beauty. Marian is a well known lady that has been the heartthrob to many people from all around the world which is the perfect way of actually giving credit where credit is due. Marian is a type of person that actually tries to stay away from makeup as much as possible because she would rather be as healthy as possible and lead as much of a natural life as possible with the help of her natural looks rather than using other means of cosmetic make up to make herself look good.

The internet is the best place to do your research on instances that are in regards to Marian Rivera no makeup because there are countless instances for you to search from and actually give you a very good idea as to how this wonderful lady actually lives her daily life without the use of makeup on a daily basis

Given below are a number of instances Of Marian Rivera without make up for your discretion:

1. On Screen:

Marian Rivera without makeup1

Marian is a very well known TV influence that actually does a number of very successful shows and as you can see from this picture Marian does not use makeup on screen as well.

2. The Minimalist:

Marian Rivera without makeup2

Marian is a hardcore minimalist that does not use makeup at any point that is too elaborate. Minimal makeup includes mainly just a mascara and some blush for this wonderful lady to look good.

3. Red Carpet:

Marian Rivera without makeup3

Marian has been a part of a number of awards ceremonies and fashion shows where she has been required to flaunt what she has which she does very well without the need for makeup.

4. Only Essentials:

Marian Rivera without makeup4

Marian has been known only to carry around the bare essentials when it comes to makeup and this is pretty evident from the fact shown in this picture.

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5. Smile of The Century:

Marian Rivera without makeup5

This picture shows Marian enjoying her with one of the best smiles in the industry and possibly with one of the best smiles in the world. This smile is all she needs to actually good really good.

6. Dedicated to Beauty:

Marian Rivera without makeup6

As you can see from this picture Marian is dedicated to natural beauty and abhors makeup thus making her a very ideal role model to millions of ladies all around the world.

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7. Street Enjoyment:

Marian Rivera without makeup7

This picture shows Marian enjoying a day out and it is one of the best pictures taken candid of Marian without makeup.

8. Night out:

Marian Rivera without makeup8

Marian knows where to draw the line when it comes to makeup as well and does not use it on a daily basis even on screen and during her fashion shows as well showing that she is a hardcore influence in regards to no makeup looks.

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9. No Heavy Makeup:

Marian Rivera without makeup9

Marian Rivera without makeup is actually a very valid factor that has fuelled many women all around the world to follow closely in her footsteps and adopt a better means of living without makeup.

Marian Rivera has been a very strong influence to both other celebrities and her fans all around the world. The secret to this lady’s success is actually a healthy lifestyle, plenty of water and a very efficient and healthy diet.

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