Top 15 Mascara Products in India

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Every woman wants good mascara for regular and party time wear. There are various companies supplying different types of variants of this.

If you still could not decide which suits your budget and needs, then you can check out our top 15 Mascara list.

1. Million Lashes- By L’Oreal Paris:

Million Lashes By L Oreal Paris

This is a very popular variant among many women. However it is said that it gets clumpy too quickly and therefore some women may find it difficult to use it for a long time. So storing this up for minimal or party uses is not an option. You need to use this regularly so you can finish the bottle before it gets dried. This will cost you 799 INR to 1000 INR approximately for 9.2 ml bottle.

2. Lotus Herbals Botanical Max Lash:

Lotus Herbals Botanical Max Lash

This is for those who like a natural extracts. This is also not that costly and neither the effects are extremely good. However, for a daily-wear you can try this. This is quite affordable and comes with botanical extracts. It is a 4 gm tube and you will have to pay approximately 250 INR to 300 INR for this approximately.

3. Amara Natural Mascara:

Amara Natural Mascara

This is a new launch company. The price range relates to that of high quality ranges. This is a 3.8 gm tube and comes for around 700 INR to 800 INR approximately. This gives intense black hue and can be good to try out.

4. Lash Architect 4D- By L’Oreal Paris:

Lash Architect 4D By L Oreal Paris

This is said to give a 4D effect when you use it. You can wear this for parties. This can be good for regular everyday usage at the same time. This is costly and comes for around 750 INR to 1000 INR approximately for a 10.5ml tube.

5. Volum Express Colossal Black (waterproof and washable)- By Maybelline:

Volum Express Colossal Black

This is an affordable range and this is a must buy for regular usage for many women. This comes for a 10 ml bottle for a price of about 300 to 400 INR approximately. Along with it there are other variants too. Some say this may get clumpy within a short time and others are of the opinion that this lasts them good for quite a few months. When considering the price margin, this is okay to buy.

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