9 Best Matching Colour Dress For Mehndi In Wedding Ceremony

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Marriage is incomplete without a grand celebration of mehendi. Even in engagement people do plan for the ceremony.India weddings are always full of colours. Mehendi is a very colourful occasion full of fun. It has become a vital part in many culture’s wedding. Thus, the ceremony is a grand celebration in any marriage function. It is considered as the pre wedding ceremony with songs, dance, games etc. Apart from Brides can look more gorgeous wearing different colours of dress.

Matching Colour Dress For Mehndi In Wedding Ceremony With Images :

1. Yellow Colour Dress With Mehndi:

Yellow Colour

Yellow is the most auspicious colour for wedding ceremony. Yet, the colour is too bright for the purpose. Colour of the mehandi will be enhanced more by wearing a yellow colour dress. The colour is too sober and gives a pretty look to the bride. For this particular ceremony it is a very dominant colour.

2. Green Colour Dress:

Green Colour Dress

The shade is one of the most favourite colours of many brides for the occasion. It dark green colour adds a special effect to the bridal mehndi. The bride looks very royal wearing a green shade. The green colour dress gives a bright and prominent look to the hand of the bride.

3. Pink As a Colour For Mehendi:

pink colour dress

It is one of the most common colour that every girls desire to wear for their special day. The colour as dress will look very on the bride. Though the colour is not too bright but it has a sober and decent effect among all colours.

4. Purple Looks Very Bright For Mehndi:

Purple Looks Very Bright

For a more gorgeous look a bride can think of wearing purple colour dress. The colour is itself very bright and so reflects a royal look. Even the dress can be worn without any heavy accessories. If a bride planes to be dressed up with a simple outlook, then can look for the colour.

5. Orange As A Colour For The Mehandi Ceremony:

Orange as a Colour for the Ceremony

The colour is itself very shinning. Thus those who wish to wear heavy dress of such bright colours can buy an orange colour dress for the mehendi. Many women choose this colour for the day as it is a colourful occasion. Nevertheless it is a good option.

6. Red Colour Dress For Mehendi Designs:

Red Colour Dress

Red is the most predominant colour of wedding ceremony. Compare to all other colours this shade is mostly used for this purpose. Undoubtedly the colour is very dazzling for mehendi ceremony or party. The hands of the bride seem to be more gorgeous for this colour of dress.

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7. Golden Colour As A Dress For Mehendi:

Golden Colour as a Dress for Mehendi

Golden as a colour for mehendi is very elegant. Golden colour dress is widely used in the marriage ceremony. The effect of the colour is very simple at a glance. Those who are fond of wearing light colours can buy golden colour dress for her mehendi.

8. Blue The Most Ravishing Colour In Mehndi Celebrations:

Blue the Most Ravishing Colour

In recent time blue has become a very trendy shade as per clothes. Other colours are very common as a dress material but this one is mostly in use. Perhaps with a change of fashion the colour is broadly used for this purpose also.

9.Multi Coloured Dress For Mehndi In Wedding:

Multi-Coloured Dress

With new fashion multi colour dress are now in the wedding collection. The dress is worked with number of colours which certainly gives a ravishing look to the bride. As per wedding ceremony the option is just perfect from all aspect. Multi colour dresses are special and unique collection for mehendi.

However the unique shades of dresses fill the environment with colour and happiness. So if you are planning for your marriage then buy fashionable dresses to look more elegant along with mehendi in hands. The entire package will make your day very memorable.

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