15 Best Maybelline Lipstick Shades in Trend

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Maybelline is a much known cosmetics company and offers various high quality makeup things that you can use regularly for everyday wear and also for parties. When it comes to lipsticks, this brand offers some stunning colors that you must try out.

Latest and Beautiful Maybelline Lipstick Shades and Colors:

Below are the top 15 Maybelline lipstick shades that you can buy for your collection.

1. Maybelline Color Sensational Shade 1:

Maybelline Color Sensational Shade 1

This has a pinkish color and the hue is very good when you want it for the day time. If you are going out with your friends for shopping or you want a light hue for that evening party use a dark border and then wear it. This can last till 4 hours to 5 hours and also a smooth gliding effect. This does not easily come off when you eat something. This comes in 3.9 gm roll up tube that you can buy for 350 INR to 400 INR approximately.

2. Matte Color Sensational No. 5:

Matte Color Sensational No. 5

This is another variant from the same range and even though this is said to be matte, this has a good moisturizing effect. This is muted in pinkish and reddish hues than shade 1 and you can easily wear this if you want a reddish and pinkish effect for evening time. This is similarly priced for 350 INR to 400 INR approximately for a tube of 3.9 gm. If you have not tried it yet, you should try out these colors.

3. Moisture Extreme Range: Matte 2 6L080:

Moisture Extreme Range Matte 2 6L080

This comes in less shiny and more matte form. This has a nude and very less amount of reddish or pinkish hue. It is enough to give you a tint that looks similar to your natural skin color. This gives a nude look and you can wear this with some other shiny gloss. You can buy this 3.9 gm tube for a similar price of 350 INR to 400 INR approximately.

4. Moisture Extreme Range: Warm Me Up :

Moisture Extreme Range Warm Me Up

This variant is said to have extreme moisture effect. It is often seen that after a few hours of wearing a color, you feel chapped which gives you the tendency to wear more balm or something oily over it. That is why you need to carry these additionally in your purse. But this contains more than enough moisture and usually you will not feel that chappiness if you are using this. This is No. 235 and the 4.2 gm of this roll up tube will cost you around 400 INR.

5. Moisture Extreme Range: Crazy For Coffee :

Moisture Extreme Range Crazy For Coffee

This is No. 275 and this Maybelline new lipstick is for those who want a coffee like brown and slightly pinkish tint. This is also a good moisture and creamy color which glides very easily. You can wear this and not wear any creams additionally because this has a shiny and oily effect. You can buy 4.2 gm of this color in a roll up bottle for a price of about 400 INR.

6. Moisture Extreme Range:  On The Mauve:

Moisture Extreme Range  On The Mauve

This is No 445 and is mauve to lilac color which is very light. If you are wearing this, you will almost feel a slightly nude plum tint which is slightly pink as well. This can be good for formal wear and also when you want a nude plum hue for day wear. You can buy this for around 400 INR for 4.2gm.

7. Moisture Extreme Range: Sugared Honey :

Moisture Extreme Range Sugared Honey77

This is No. 365 and this has slight shimmers and the finish is very shiny. You can buy this 4.2gm roll up tube for a price of 400 INR.

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