25 Handsome Medium Hairstyles For Men With Pictures

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If smoldering is your look and hard to get you should be, then get classy for the babes because that attitude demands it. These easy to style, home based looks are smooth and for the best of your needs. So get your sleeves up for these new tricks for days of experiment.

medium hairstyles for men

Best Medium Length Hairstyles For Men With Images:

1. Classic Medium Hairstyles For Men:

Medium hairstyles for men - Classic

The corporate and sexy. Be every colleague’s fantasy man as you stride up to your office. If you have wavy mid-length hair, blow-dry it after a shower and comb it up with your fingers. Create a slight parting and apply some gel to keep it in shape. Look’s brilliant on a man with sharp cheek bones and a gaze to melt.

2. Under Cut :

UNDERCUT  Medium Hairstyles

Boy, isn’t it getting a little hotter as we provide you more fresh tips. Are you the lead singer of your college band? Get those fans grooving with this look by spiking up your hair keeping it short and trimmed on the sides. Let your waves be carelessly spiked and smoldering.

3. Slicked Back Hair Style For Medium Hair:

Medium hairstyles for men - slicked back

This groovy hair style look would suit the men with longer chin and thinner lip-lines. Take your hair and gel it back completely from the forehead. Let the surface be soft and smooth without sticking up. Add some sideburns for the cheekier effect. If you have mid-length hair, tie a ponytail in the end and top it up with a leather jacket on the go.

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4. Side-Parted Medium Hairstyles For Men:

Medium hairstyles for men - Side-Parted

You know who we’re referring to. Yes, go out all Clooney as you would surely want to impress your lady on this special date. This vintage English look will up your chances for a dishier evening for the later. Make a parting from the lesser end and gel your hair on the other end. Keep the surface fluffy and in shape.

5. Pompadour Medium Hairstyles For Men:

Medium hairstyles for men - Pompadour

Do you have a reputation for being the sneakiest one among the hotties in your group? Well customize your smirk with this dramatic look. Apply some serum and fluff the hair up. Do create a slight parting before that. Let your forehead be sans any tresses and carry it off with a smile that will sway the ladies just by a glance.

6. Edited Medium Hair Styles For Men:


Innocence is written all over your eyes. But you know best what lies underneath. Create the boyish spikes with your fingers and let the look be dry for the sparks. Create streaks on the end if you like. Keep the sides shortened for more impression. Add a slight stubble on the go and your woman would love to pamper the cheeky man-boy in you.

7. Shaggy Bob Medium Hairstyles For Men:


If you’re a natural blonde or ginger with a deep shade of eyes to die for, make it come alive with this fresh look from our collection. For mid length tresses, let the bangs be all over your forehead as you comb down your wavy hair to create a soothing look. Let the look stay natural and messy for that little blush on your darling’s face.

8. Mohawk Medium Hairstyles For Men:

Medium hairstyles for men - Mohawk

If style is your forte then make your look professional on the sexy side. The Presley sideburns for the sway, a little stubble on the chin, crew cut on the sides and the playful Mohawk to top it off. Keep the Mohawk spiked and clean. You know how geek glasses along with this will make the women weak on their knees.

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