9 Best Megan Fox Hairstyles with Pictures

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Megan Fox is synonymous with style and panache, her move to being super attractive has been completely smooth. Her part as Wonder Woman and her moves in the Transformer series made her an established style name. But apart from her on screen appearance, everyone just loves her off screen presence and fashion sense. Not to forget her awesome hairstyles.

Beautiful and Stunning Megan Fox Hairstyles:

Men love to have her, women love to be her. Here is a list of top 9 absolutely gorgeous Megan Fox hairstyle that everyone would love to flaunt. Which is your favorite?

1. Pinned Up Pony Tail:

megan fox hairstyles

At the point when occasions go to Red Carpet, hauling out the serious guns isn’t enough; so she settles on the classiest look. At one such occasion, in her sultry red outfit, she decided to force back her hair back in a pinned up pig tail. The clean hair styling with no strand of hair flicking out of spot gives Megan a chic and rich look. It also accentuates her jaw line, the mysterious eyes and that gorgeous pout.

2. Tight Bun:

Tight Bun

For an official beauty pageant look, what else suits than a tight neat bun. Best for the crown to sit well, this haircut makes it smart and breathable for the person who wears it. Spotted wearing one was Megan who conveyed it with much grandiosity and looked gratifyingly magnificent.

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3. Long Hair With a Curl:

Long Hair With a Curl3

Megan Fox’s beautiful long hair obliges no brushing, however simply wet hair with some radiance sparkle and they are ideal for party nights. She simply lets her hair cascade down framing her defined jaws and adds a little curl towards the lower ends. Simple yet stunning!

4. Athens:


Wearing her ideal Toga Gown, Megan was spotted with a pulled up semi pony tail. A bridesmaid’s decision and the prom queen’s haircut have been in vogue for a long while now. Very much a basic look to draw off, it obliges a puff in the front and pinned slight hair back leaving the rest is the thing that makes Megan look perfect. No accessories required, no over make up to make us mistake her for a Greek goddess.

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