Top 15 Stylish and Modern Hairstyles For Men

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Modern Hairstyles for men have undergone a radical change over the past few years. Fashion stylists try out different haircuts and hair looks on their ramp models and celebs for their award shows. The fashion parlours are also gaining more and more prominence. You can spot different various actors and TV Show hosts sporting different forms of hairstyles for their shows. This again gives the common man the ideas of sporting various trendy hair looks.

modern hairstyles for men

Modern hairstylists for men do not step back from using various styling equipments from straighteners to curlers on men’s hair as well. It is a thing of the past when if you had wavy hair and you wanted a straightened sleek look but seeking a good hairstylist was too much of headache. If you are willing to give a modern hairstyle for men a try, then we have some hair looks for you.

Amazing Modern Hairstyles For Men With Pictures:

Let us check out some of the top 15 modern hairstyles for men along with images that you can sport easily with lustrous fashion.

1. Middle Part Outward Back:

Modern hairstyles for men - Middle part

When you want to sport a longer haircut than the back cropped look, you can try a medium length back with outward feathers like this one. For the front you can keep a back brushed look or a middle or side part. This is a trendy modern hairstyle for men look.

2. Wispy Side Bangs:
Modern hairstyles for men - Wispy side bangs

This is a trendy Asian hair look which you can try. The back can be kept in layers and wispy style which give more funky touch to this. The side bangs cut in layers is a modern touch and you need to sport this with the right kind of clothes.

3. Corn Row Style:

This is a thick curly corn row style Afro haircut. You can try this hair look easily when you want something different yet modern. This is one of the best modern hairstyles for men with medium hair curls which suits for long faces perfectly.

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4. Front Bangs:

Frontal bangs are a common hairstyle. You can try this type of front bangs which is a bit modern in look. This has a layered messy bang and the frontal bangs are also cut in wispy asymmetrical layers. This modern hairstyle for men gives you a punk type of style which is quite popular these days.

5. Medium Side Bangs:

If you liked Thor the movie, then you may want to give this modern haircut a try. This has medium bangs which are very unlike the cuts of yesterday. This new modern hairstyle for men with long hair is sexy and very new which is mostly preferable by teenage guys.

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