Mustard During Pregnancy

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Good nutrition during pregnancy is imperative for healthy growth of the baby. Since most of the expectant mothers suffer from vomiting and nauseous during this period, eating right food becomes even more difficult. Yet it is essential to eat a well-balanced diet and fulfill the needs of prenatal vitamins. There are certain foods that can prove harmful for your baby and is best to be avoided. Are you wondering can you eat mustard when pregnant? If yes, read on to put an end to all your worries. Eating mustard during pregnancy is safe and also offers a host of other health benefits to both, the mother and the baby.

Mustard During Pregnancy

Benefits of Mustard During Pregnancy:

Mustard is a common kitchen ingredient that is used in several delicacies in form of mustard seeds, leaves or sauce. Pregnant mothers can have unusual cravings in their pregnancy period, and one of them could even be mustard. If you are thinking is mustard safe during pregnancy, the answer is yes. When consumed in moderation, mustard also provides a host of health benefits for the expectant mother as well as her growing foetus. Some of the benefits of eating mustard seeds during pregnancy are:

1. Improves Immunity:

Eating mustard also boosts the immune system of the body. Mustard is a rich source of important minerals such as copper, manganese and iron, which safeguards the body against hazardous ailments and infections. Moreover the sulphur present in mustard seeds provides antifungal and antibacterial properties that assist in fighting skin infections during pregnancy.

2. Keeps a Check on Asthma:

The anti-inflammatory properties in mustard seeds also helps to prevent asthma and severe cold infections. The goodness in mustard seeds also helps in clearing out any chest congestion.

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3. Helps in Weight Management:

Being overweight during pregnancy can lead to serious health complications. Mustard is an excellent source of riboflavin, thiamine, folates and other essential vitamins that help in regulating body metabolism. This in turn aids weight management.


4. Controls Cholesterol:

Mustard is packed with niacin and Vitamin B3 that help to reduce the level of cholesterol in the body. Hence by eating mustard seeds during pregnancy, expectant mothers face reduced risk of atherosclerosis. Also by including mustard in your daily pregnancy diet helps to control blood pressure by promoting blood flow in the body.

5. Prevents Constipation:

Most of the pregnant mothers suffer from the problem of constipation during pregnancy. a natural home remedy for treating this problem can be consumption of mustard in any form. It was found that mustard possesses a thick slimy substance referred as mucilage that helps in alleviating the problem of constipation. Also it has high fiber content that helps to ease bowel movements, besides aiding digestion.

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6. Reduces Arthritis and Muscle Pain:

Mustard has high content of selenium and magnesium that provide heat producing and anti-inflammatory properties to the body. This helps in reducing muscular pain and symptoms of arthritis.

Mustard During Pregnancy 2

While eating mustard is marked as safe during pregnancy, it is best to consult your gynaecologist for the same. Adding mustard seeds to your cooked food can enhance the flavour and also give multiple health benefits provided that you must consume in moderation.

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Consuming excessive amount of mustard seeds can cause some side-effects like fatigue, blisters, swelling in the skin, diarrhoea or throat irritation. Yet in extreme cases it can even lead to heart-related issues, miscarriage and even death in some extreme cases.