9 List of Mustard Oil Brands in India

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Day by day, pollution is causing a lot of problem to our health. It is entering our body through air, water and food. This is the reason; we are becoming health conscious and using good products in our food. By making smart choice, we are using healthy options in cooking oil, as it forms the base of our cooking. Mustard oil is the most preferred choice.

Different Brands of Mustard Oil in India:

Majority of our home budget is spending on cooking oil. Here we share some best mustard oil brands for good health.

1. P-Mark Mustard Oil Brand:

mustard oil brands

Since 1933, P-Mark is making pure mustard oil, it known for its richness. It is also known for its quality and purity. It’s perfect for making delicious and nutritious food, Picked up the certainty of cooks and housewives too.

2. Gulab Brand Mustard Oil Brand:

Gulab Brand Mustard Oil Brand

Gulab Brand mustard oil brand is founded in Delhi. They are available in all quantities. It is known for its purity. It is flushed with nitrogen to increase with shell life. This brand is more known for peanut oil.

3. Dabur Mustard Oil Brand:

Dabur Mustard Oil Brand

Dabur is well known brand in food and health. It has gained trust for purity. Dabur Mustard oil can be used for cooking and for beauty purpose also. It is known for using finest and freshest mustard seed.

4. Health 1st Mustard Oil Brand:

Health 1stMustard Oil Brand

Health 1st Food is very well known organic food brand. It is saturated oil as compared to other brands of mustard oil. It is made by the process of cold press. It is widely used in north of India. It is well known in household cooking.

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5. Pure and Sure Mustard oil Brand:

Pure and Sure Mustard oil Brand

Pure and Sure Mustard oil is made from finest and best quality mustard seed grown in certified organic farm. The seeds used are grown in chemical freeway. It is made of cold press process. It is well known by many households who prefer to live the organic way.

6. Gold Star Mustard Oil Brand:

Gold Star Mustard Oil Brand

The Gold star Mustard oil is scientifically processed oil. It is filtered twice. It is tested for chemicals so that we can use it in cooking. It can be used for massages too. It is sometimes used for lubrication also.

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7. Dalda Mustard Oil Brand:

Dalda Mustard Oil Brand

Dalda mustard oil is very old choice in mustard oil. It is in market since 75 years. It is most trusted brand in India. It comes with zero cholesterol. It is richest in omega-3 fatty acids. It is free from argemone oil.

8. Tez Mustard Oil Brand:

Tez Mustard Oil Brand

Tez Mustard oil is strong oil. It is the king of mustard oil. It is refined to the right extend. It is filtered and first pressed. It is perfect for cooking. It is used by majority of people. It is used for massages as it relieves pain.

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9. Suraj Mustard Oil Brand:

Suraj Mustard Oil Brand

Suraj Mustard oil was started in 1990. It is the foremost company to processor of mustard oil. It makes oil in the most hygienic condition. It is known for its ethical standards. It is teamed with highly qualified team to ensure the quality of the oil.

Mustard oil has traveled from north of India to everybody’s house all over India. It is a good oil to cook in. Not only for cooking, many prefer to massage the babies and themselves with it. It is free from cholesterol and is rich in omega-3. It is the amount of oil we use in cooking oil which matters rather than what oil you use. You may use mustard oil for any type of cooking.