9 Best Myanmar Tourist Places To Visit

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Myanmar is an exotic, interesting and mysterious country located in South East Asia. It has some of the world’s best locations and spots and if you are planning to go on a holiday, you should definitely visit the places that have been enlisted in the following paragraphs.

Famous and Beautiful Myanmar Tourist Places To Visit:

Let we have to look at the top 9 myanmar tourist places.

1. Ngwe Saung Beach:

myanmar tourist places

The Ngwe Saung Beach of Myanmar is about 9 kilometers long and has been rated as the longest beach in the whole of South East Asia. It is located near the lovely city of Yangon and can be reached within a five hour drive from there. The pristine waters, white sand and lovely weather are truly all you need to make your vacation memorable.

2. Putao:


Putao is located in the Kachin State of Myanmar and is known for its fine orchids which grow naturally and beautifully in this place. The weather here is quite cool as compared to the other parts of Myanmar and the snow capped mountains are some of the most unique and wonderful sights you shall see here.

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3. Monywa:


Monywa is located about 136 kilometers away from Mandalay and offers you some of the best places for excursion and tourism in Myanmar. The exquisite mountain caves, ancient and monuments and relics are some of them. But the star attraction here is the Bodhi-tataung which is basically a bunch of banyan trees which have an image of Buddha at the end of each tree. The appearance of these exotic banyan trees will truly make your trip to Myanmar memorable.

4. Golden Rock:


The Golden Rock is a sacred place for all the people belonging to the country of Myanmar. It is very popular and has attracted quite a number of travellers and tourists every year. It is located on the peak of the Paunglaung mountain and can be reached within a four hour drive from Yangon. It is a legendary pilgrimage site and has been an inspiration to many. This is the best myanmar tourist places.

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