9 Most Beautiful Natural Waterfalls in The World

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Waterfalls are the beauties of Mother Nature, created through thousands of years. A stream or river flowing down the bed of rock keeps eroding the soil on the softer part, which makes the rock break and fall downstream and thus the water too falls in that direction creating a waterfall naturally. It is also created due to melting of icebergs. People all over the world visit natural waterfalls as they are scenic beauties because it has extreme power to heal ones’ soul and get them peace and rejuvenation. It also brings out the artistic or poetic side of them.

Amazing Natural Waterfalls in The World with Images:

Let we have to look at the top 9 natural waterfalls.

1. Iguazu Falls:

natural waterfalls

Iguazu Falls are considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This is a waterfall is formed by the river Iguazu and is situated in the border of Parana in Brazil. Though the river flows from Brazil, but most of the waterfalls are found in Argentina. From the picture we can make out how majestic the falls look.

2. Skogafoss Falls:

Natural Waterfalls-Skogafoss Falls

Skoga River flowing through south Iceland is one of biggest rivers in the world, with a width of 82 ft and a length of 200 ft. The cliffs in the water have been parallel to the coast, which had retreated seaward, and finally came towards the mountains and got differentiated creating a distinctive border. Photographer and tourists are often lucky to click the fall with a rainbow during summers.

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3. Havasu Falls:

Natural Waterfalls-Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls are situated in the Grand Canyon in USA. It is famous for its natural pool which is created after the water falls 100 ft down. The water has large mineral contains, especially calcium carbonate which makes the color sea-greenish. Sometimes the flow of the water is in two slides instead of one.

4. Angel Falls:

Natural Waterfalls-Angel Falls

These falls happen to the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfall. The fall which has a height of 3,212 ft and a plunge of 2,648 ft. This waterfall is situated in Venezuela and flows down from the mount of Auyantepui. This is the most scenic natural waterfall in the world.

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5. Niagara Falls:

Natural Waterfalls-Niagara Falls

The Horseshoe Falls, the American falls and the Bridal Falls and together known as the Niagara Falls situated on the international border of Canada and US. Niagara falls have the highest flow rate of water compared to all the other waterfall; with an approximate fall of 165 ft. Niagara falls are one of the most popular falls because it is resourceful due to its hydroelectrically power and its looks.

6. Victoria Falls:

Natural Waterfalls-Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls formed by the Zambezi River in South Africa. It is supposed to be having the highest width among all waterfalls in the world, which is of 5,604 ft and falls down around 355 ft. David Livingstone was known to be the first European to discover the falls which got the place named as Livingstone Island. This is the Most Beautiful Natural Waterfall in The World.

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7. Sutherland Falls:

Natural Waterfalls-Sutherland Falls

Sutherland Falls are in south island of New Zealand with plunges of 1,904 ft in three separate leaps. It happens to be the tallest in New Zealand overtaking Browne Falls or even Bluff Falls.

8. Dettifoss Falls:

Natural Waterfalls-Dettifoss Falls

Dettifoss waterfall is known to be Europe’s most powerful waterfall. It receives its water from glaciers and falls into the Jokulsa a Fjollum river which ultimately falls as Dettifoss. With 330 ft width and 150 ft in length it is considered as the tallest one in Europe.

9. Gullfoss Falls:


Gullfoss falls are located in south west Iceland. The river Hvita flows towards the south and has a sharp edged fall in three separate stages from the right and then in two leaps, which falls down from the left. Due to the desire to make a hydroelectric project the fall had almost disappeared due to the mishandling of work due to lack of funds.

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