9 Amazing Pictures Of Nayanthara In Saree

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Nayanthara is the bombshell of the south Indian film industry, this veteran actress made her film debut in 2003 and since then has come up with the most outstanding performances in many great Telugu and Tamil movies. She also specializes in Malayalam movies and has a few hits under her belt. Nayanthara is truly a goddess of Indian cinema and it is an absolute pleasure to see her at any event in a saree that shows her heritage. Nayanthara flaunts her femininity and dazzles everyone with the various looks she portrays in dazzling sarees.

Hot Photos Of Nayanthara In Saree:

There are a few mind blowing hot pictures of Nayanthara in a saree; some are enlisted below.

1. The Festival Look:

nayanthara in saree

Give this south Indian diva a chance to look great for any social or formal event and she will absolutely rock her looks. In this picture a traditional festive saree is the perfect addition to the festive environment giving an addition of color to her surroundings. This one is hot still of Nayanthara in a saree from one of her movies.

2. The Candy Colors:

The candy colors

Even on set this great actress absolutely takes the look of a saree to a completely new level. The candy colors of the saree are an absolute thrill to look at adding to the environment around her, another great saree worn by this astounding actress.

3. The Matte Gold:

The matte gold

Matte gold sarees are always great showstoppers and this saree is another one of a kind piece of art. The saree heightens this great actresses looks making her look absolutely dazzling compared to any body else, but the saree also has a very serene feel to it giving the people a sense of peace.

4. The Embellished Look:

The embellished look

This is one of the greatest sarees that Nayanthara has worn and personally she is a fan of this kind of sarees. Nayanthara likes to experiment a bit with her clothing but she prefers to wear sarees as it brings out a very elegant look in her that she likes to flaunt.

5. The Simpleton:

The simpleton

Extravagant sarees are not always on the list for this south Indian actress, with a variety of different types of sarees in her wardrobe Nayanthara also has a variety of simple sarees that allow her to dress simple for any normal event. This saree is one of her extravagantly simple sarees.

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