10 Unseen Pictures Of Nayanthara Without Makeup

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South Indian Cinema has produced some glamorous actresses that have a blend of both beauty and talent. They have sizzled the silver screen with some spectacular performances and continue to do so in today’s day and age. Nayanthara, a well known Indian actress from down south is a perfect example of beauty with brains and a natural talent for acting. Her real name is Diana Mariam Kuriyan and born on 1984 November 18, present age is 32 years and her height is 1.57 meters.

She started her acting debut in the Malayalam film Manassinakkare and ever since has gone on to act in many Tamil and Telugu films. In Nayanthara’s typical South Indian looks lies her charm but this charm and beauty is not just the work of foundation and makeup.

Charming Nayanthara Without Makeup Pictures:

Captured below are some rare and personal pictures of Nayanthara in plain view without any makeup.

1. Nayanthara Without Makeup:

Nayanthara Without Makeup

An interesting picture of Nayanthara without any makeup. Even with a plain-faced look and serious demeanour she doesn’t look ghastly, as is the case with many stars who opt to go without their eyeliner and lipstick.

2. In Reel Life:

Nayanthara cuts a pretty picture sans makeup even in reel life. Pictured here in a Telugu movie with the wet hair look and a dreamy countenance, she looks comely wearing just her night suit.

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3. Delightful Nayanthara:

Perhaps one of the cutest looking pictures of Nayanthara caught off-screen to feature on the internet. The formal suede coloured blouse complements her complexion and the hoop earrings add sparkle to her face that is laid bare of any sort of makeup.

4. Svelte Looking Nayanthara:

Nayanthara is one of those South Indian actresses that can capture you with her charm and grace, be it on or off-screen. Part of her beauty lies in her lustrous hair that is pinned up in front and left loose from behind along with makeup free in this picture. The brown T-shirt blouse graces her figure while the big shades give her that glam look without the accompaniment of makeup. Accessorized with a showy ring on her right hand finger and a black flashy watch on her left hand, she looks naturally resplendent as she looks on with boyfriend Simbu at the event on hand.

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5. Getting Cozy:

This picture taken back in the days when Nayanthara and then boyfriend Simbu were a blossoming couple shows Nayanthara in her happy and utmost best, left untouched by makeup. She has the added advantage of youth and with a trendy dress sense even while at home she is quite the charmer.

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  1. nikkita

    July 27, 2015 at 2:30 pm

    Can’t believe it!!! nayana is looking damn gorgeous even without makeup. I have never seen her off the makeup,Thanks for sharing this post.