9 Best Neck Kissing Tips for Beginners

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Kiss being one of the most important gestures of love, passion, lust can be expressed in many a ways. A kiss on the chin, a kiss on the lips and a kiss on the neck can just ignite that fire and keep you driving crazy for wanting your partner more and more. A kiss on the neck can be equally cute and sexy if you go with the heat of the moment.

neck kissing

Wonderful Neck Kissing Techniques:

To know the vital kissing tip to drive your partner crazy we have some tips for a kiss on the neck.

Set The Mood:

Just to set the correct mood, start with playing with your partner. Move your fingers in their body and let them feel the spark. Slowly move the fingers towards the neck and back of the ears to to turn on and once you get the feeling that he/she is shivering, you have hit the nail. Gently keep stroking with tip of the finger, the area you want to kiss so that more pleasure is felt by your partner at that area.

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Kiss Sensitive:

While stroking you get to know which part of the neck was more sensitive to her/him. Though the most sensitive part is where our neck connects with our collar bone, you may gently choose another area as well where your partner feels the sensation. Actually any part of the neck is sensitive! Drop a gentle and mild kiss with closed mouth on the neck to make your partner shiver again with pleasure.

Use Your Body:

While starting to plant kiss, don’t just stand away but use your body as this is a non-verbal communication so the body has to do all the magic. Whether you are kissing from the back or from the front, wrap your hands around your partner for the melting moment.

Kissing Techniques:

Just as you embrace each other, now kiss with open mouth so as to open your mouth from your first position slowly. Open your mouth slowly between kisses with wet lips. As you move on her neck from one end to other, keep your mouth open as you gently kiss the skin. While moving blow some hot breath in your partner’s skin. This will surely drive him/her crazy while you move your lips on his/her neck.

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Use Your Tongue:

By this time your partner is enjoying the sensation. Now you lick the neck with movements up and down the neck only with the tip of your tongue. You need to ensure you are very gentle at this point. You can also trail your kisses from mouth to neck for that heat and want. Enjoy the touch, smell and every texture while your movement.

Go Slow:

Vary the pressure between the kisses from gentle to firm in slow movements. Don’t be very slow to drop the tempo altogether!

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Suck Gently:

After the tongue twist its time for some sucking and giving a wet feeling. Do it for three to five seconds.


After the entire kissing session, try and plant a bite or nibble on the skin. This also has to be gentle as neck being a sensitive part. Wildness may follow if you and your partner so like it. This is most effective on the side part of the neck.

Don’t Stay There For Long:

The follow up should not be long. You may be enjoying it but remember that neck kissing is usually a prelude to something else. So to keep it memorable make is short and sweet.