9 Best Collection of Net Saree Blouse Neck Designs for Ladies

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No matter how ancient or dated saree may be, it is the attire that never goes out of fashion. Saree are timeless and classic traditional outfit. This beautiful attire graces the body of every Indian woman perfectly. It can be worn anywhere. There are various types of sarees but net saree is back into focus with more designs and looking absolutely stunning.

net saree blouse neck designs

Net sarees are delicate, feminine and very much in fashion. Since the net is almost seeing through, there is an emphasis on the saree border and of course the very important the blouse. Blouse is in innumerable ways that can add a dash of glamour to one saree.

Beautiful Blouse Neck designs for Net Sarees:

Neck design plays an equally important role in making the women look pretty. Here are some perfect net saree blouse neck designs for women in india.

1. High Collar Neck Blouse for Net Saree:


The high collar combined with full sleeve just looks too fabulous. The high collar adds a definite elegance to the style.

2. Off Shoulder Blouse for Net Saree:


The off shoulder blouse pattern gives a very elegant and gorgeous look. Embroidery work on above part of blouse makes it more unique and perfect.

3. Backless Blouse for Net Saree:


If one have a beautiful back and want to flaunt in style, can go with this back blouse neck design for sarees. It can be added with stylish knots at the back.

4. Sweetheart Neck Blouse for Net Saree:


The sweetheart blouse is one which gives a very royal looking blouse neck design for net sarees. Embroidery done on this blouse with various materials like lace embroidery, heavy zari, zardosi work etc. makes it more beautiful. They give a very graceful look and looks very beautiful.

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5. Boat Neck Blouse for Net Saree:


One should go for the net saree blouse neck designs. This saree neck design for net blouse looks very pretty. The patterns can be embroidery or patch work. Laces matching the saree can be used at the borders of blouse ends. It can be full sleeves, half sleeves or sleeveless. The buttons in net blouse are at the backside as net sarees tend to be a little transparent.

6. Chinese Collar Blouse for Net Saree:


In this blouse style there is small collar on the blouse with a lace and piping on the collar border line. One can add different type of lace on the collar border and whole neckline for looking extra good. Chinese collar blouse design are very pretty and stylish blouse design.

7. Halter Neck Blouse for Net Saree:


When it comes to net saree blouse neck designs the halter neck blouse is the sophisticated blouse design in the Bollywood. In halter neck blouse one is comfortable to flaunt her skin and arms. It will look more glamorous when hair is tied up.

8. Round Neck And Square Neck Design:


These blouse neck designs for net saree are the most frequent worn designs by saree wearing women. These neck designs looks good on both tall as well short women and can be perfectly combined with net saree.

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9. Spaghetti Straps Blouse for Net Saree:


Net saree blouse designs are in trend with the youngsters. Thin straps or spaghetti straps blouse makes one looks very glamorous. The straps can be flower embroidery, beaded or even sequins straps. They look good for all occasion.

Saree is a female garment from India when worn by the women, they look stunning. The saree is the most versatile outfit. Saree are worn by women of every age. Saree is made of various fabrics but now net saree is in trend. Though net saree cannot be made too heavy but there is one way to add definite elegance to your simple net saree is the blouse. The blouses are just as important as saree. The blouse can make or break saree.

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